Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Tylah IS taking after me! Alexandra Soup and home made Acid Drops

I imagine it could be most parents dream, that their offspring might take after them in some way. So imagine my thrill to know that my lovely daughter Tylah, was hand stitching some clothing ! ............ and since she was popping over to mine, I asked that she bring it for me to see......

 She had bought fringe and sequin braid to decorate this waistcoat....

and designed the back centre piece herself...
If I tell you this is for a pal of hers to wear on his stag night.....

with pink hold up stockings, a skimpy t-shirt, ultra skimpy cut down shorts, high heels and and a sign saying he is
'The only gay in the Viallge'........
( he isnt by the way !)

It might give you an idea what the decoration on the back is meant to represent!

But it IS a start right?
She may yet take a more serious interest in stitching, right?
Okay Alexandra Soup a la circa 1930/1940 ~

" Take a cup of lentils and 2 heaped tablespoons of ( pearl?) barley and soak them together for at least 12 hours.
Next day chop up an onion and fry it in half an ounce of margerine, add the lentils and barley, with three breakfast cup fulls of water.
Cook until the lentils are tender.
Add a couple of fresh tomatoes when the soup is nearly ready.
Rub all through a sieve, then reheat before serving."

No Im not at all sure either!  BUT what about....?

Acid Drops.....

"  Boil one and  half pounds of loaf sugar, half a pint of water and half a teaspoon cream of tarter together until mixture turns a pale yellow.
Then add essence of lemon to taste and turn out on to and oiled slab.
Sprinkle preparation with tartaric acid, work it thoroughly in, and when sufficiently cool to touch, from into thin rolls.
Cut off small pieces with scissors and roll to shape by hand.
Sift with sugar andf dry before storing in a tin. "

Now I just know you're desperate to try the recipes for
Almond Cake, Almond Cheese Cakes, Almond Fingers, Almond Paste, Almond Pudding ( featuring breadcrumbs ....), Almond Rock and Almond Toffee!
Please email me for those ................... lol

...............and to think Im not half way through the A's yet!


  1. you have a lovely daughter. she did a great job on the trim. looks like some of you has definitely rubbed off on her.

  2. Too funny, but it does make you feel good that you passed your skill on, doesn't it, even if it's a touch outrageous! The soup sounds like good old lentil soup, doesn't it?

  3. And I like Tylah's name and she's a great model!

  4. I remember loaf sugar, it was about the size of a packet of Jacobs cream crackers. Cheaper than granulated. It was my job to smash it to pieces for aunt. lol



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