Saturday, 9 July 2011

Scary cloth dolls or what? lol

Amongst the tactile resources for the visually impaired that I inherited at work, when I joined them 10 years back, were two sex education dolls.
I have no idea when they would have been bought or made, but this 'treasure' here, is the girl ....................what do you think then? lol

I updated the clothes but in truth, theres little else I could ever do, to make her more appealing...right?
The lad is exactly the same, as ugly with a similar hairstyle. Twins.
Infact maybe thats part of the education, that they feel so much the same, face and body wise, but for the gender differences ... must ask the teachers about that, its only just occured to me!
They both have all their aportioned hairy bits,(the same texture hair as on their head) and they each have the gental differences.

I repeatedly ask if I could make less scary figures, but they dont seem to want me to make more appealing folks lol
The logic being that a child with no vision cant see how ugly and scary the figures are anyway...which is true of course. But the rest of the class fall about with laughter at the figures...................maybe that helps the teacher discuss an awkward topic who knows!
But they bring a whole new concept to Cloth Dolls dont they!
On a lighter note I went to the Physio yesterday at a centre built alongside the Hessle Road in Hull. This was where once, prior to much redeveleopment, the local fishermens families shopped.
Hull has a rich history of trawling and (yuk) whaling before that and Hessle Road was part of that social tapestry.
Now most of the old Hessle docks, are modern shopping centres, with huge stores selling tools, suites, electricals and push bikes, with little inkling that there was once thriving, busy fish industries there.
One or two buildings remain as a token memory but, as in many places, whole livlihoods were wiped away, folks rehomed elsewhere and in a bid to become more modern, up to date and to improve families lives I suppose too. 
Though I have no doubt many of the back to back Hessle Road houses would have been considered slums and maybe there was WW2 bomb damage too, shifting the community did not go all that well by what I read.

 Hull was the un named East Coast port that was hit more heavily than other ports in WW2, yet not named by our Govt at the time. Apparently so the Germans didnt know for sure, which city they had bombed ..... not  a logic that makes sense to me, but I guess it did at the time!
Anyway there, inside the health centre building surprisingly, was this lovely mosaic!

 Nice to see an element of Hessle Roads past celebrated in this way.
Definately not my size or taste to wear but.......
for £3.99 I could not resist it, tacky fabric though it is lol
See all those nebula and planets!
Gosh, had best haul the weeds up behind it...........
And lastly another piece of stitching to go on a larger cloth at some point
..... though it does look more like an eye or a life cell now I look at it! I dont seem to be able to fade out moons successfully so I gave up and sprayed a darker one with fabric dye!


  1. i bet those dolls have beautiful hearts.

  2. Thanks for an interesting post. I have connections with Hull on my father's side (I don't think they were very long established). I think my grandmother's family were involved in the fishing industry. What a great mosaic!

  3. Deanna, shame on me lol I never once thought of them that way!!

  4. Then I bet they would have known Hessle Road and the docks of old. There are some wonderful old photos floating about of how it was. If I can ever help sort out any pics for you or family history background, just ask :)