Sunday, 24 July 2011

A lovely old table and some nostalgic fabrics

Meant to post these a week or two back, we had a visitor show us her collection of 1930s and 40s fabrics at our embroidery club meet.
And at this moment I cant recall her name which is awful because she was really very nice and I must pop back later and enter her name!
Shes from Sunderland and does talks so might be worth you looking her up.
The pics below are some of what she had with her to show us........memories for many I suspect!

Most of these she found were being turfed out or were 50p or less at various places. They are generally not considered worthy of keeping and  old fashioned of course, but as she said, they had been hand stitched by folks like us, maybe lovingly, maybe begrudgingly - but time, money and energy went into them as in any craft. And these are so of their time, of what was available for us to stitch before tv took over and pcs were in every home.
These pieces below came off a nightdress and most of it was hand made lace, and that old fashioned pink is still a delightful colour I think.

She brought along some sheet music too and I adore these covers and illustrations although I have no idea what the music sounded like!

This next piece is some of my Jude weaving. Done when the mood took me but I had no idea where it was taking me. Im not sure Im satisfied with what I did on the journey but it was quite fun in the doing of it lol

And this is my spontanious buy from a Barnado's, a charity shop close by. It was £75 and I lov its legs, its carved out bits beneath the top and besides, it told me it should live in a1903 house like mine, so now it does...
Apparently it had spent a great deal of time in a garage!
( It didnt tell me that last bit, the delivery man told me.......)
So I have stripped off the original and very worn leatherette seat covers and used some designer offcuts from scrapstore and some fresh padding to give the seats a new twist.
I cant bring myself to tart the table up with paint or special effects though. It will remain an 'old lady of her time' and the only added things are tie on covers to lay over the newly padded seats, because I have 3 cats whose lifes worth, is to sprawl and cover all seats in their hair!

I am reclaiming my dining room back from the cats own use, in honour of this lovely old tabel and her 4 chairs.
I might even cook a sunday lunch or two now!


  1. i just love lace and those embroideries are treasures. i have some treasures of my own like that that i just love. and that beautiful table. a great find.

  2. Lyn, your new table is wonderful and I love the seat you've re-covered already! It would be very difficult to paint over that gorgeous patina. I wouldn't do it either. No ma'am!

  3. Your table is gorgeous! I love the look of natural wood and have undone the painting of others to reveal the natural wood. The fabric on your chair seats is fantastic! Enjoy your week.

  4. Thank you Deanna, Peggy and Jeannie.
    Ive covered all 4 chairs in this fabric. Not bad for £2 which is all I had to pay for the offcuts at Scrapstore.
    I know what you mean Jeannie, wood is so tactile and its lovely to look at the natiral designs within it.



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