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Capitalism - a love story..... the movie and a rant with no apologies for it

I watched the movie 'Capitalism - A love story' last night, by Michael Moore.
Watch it free..

Its a 2009 film documentary and I had only seen a recomendation for it recently.
Please try and watch it if you havent yet. Then tell me if you trust this world wide banking sytem, or the Us and Uk governments.
Capitalism runs our world not our democratic governments and this recent Murdock fiasco adds to the pyre as far as I can see.

Cant see how I missed this movie back then, but I did become ill and depressed by all the negligence and professional flatulence I was battling against with insurers, so maybe thats why.
Oh yes and I was squeezed up in one bedroom of course with all the furniture I could manhandle, up the stairs last minute... and my adult daughter, 4 cats and 2 dogs.

Not that I was EVER flooded mind you, no, just the patio back filled from sewers and my outside drain, to a 6"- 8" depth. 
I had only ONE kitchen floor cupboard with mould 3/4 weeks later, logically cos water had risen up through the exterior drain and permeated through the wall at that point, but ONLY at that point remember.

The insurance company refused to simply log a courtesy, notification only call and insisted on sending out a surveyor, who decided that water had penetrated an airbrick through to the inside plaster behind the floor cupboards and 'capillary-rally' travelled along the 10' plus to that particular cupboard...which was at least 10' away from the only air brick right?
Which itself gave out onto a concrete floor....see the mis-logic here yet?

A kitchen gut out was necessary he said, I would NEVER get rid of those mould spores and told me if I didnt go ahead with it, then the insurance company would wash their hands of me should anything occur as a result of this in the future.

This at a time when thousands of homes had been deluged with foul water and folks were truly and devastatingly homeless, and I had a fully working, comfortable home and had NO flood water in it, none at all.

I kept thinking 'their' common sense would kick in and theyd see it was a waste of resources.
I was not an emergency claim.
I had protested that I didnt want to be a claim at all, just wanted them to log the fact that their had been a patio flood.
I just felt out of fairness, now theres a joke, I should inform them can be too honest..from there on in the insurance industry system manufactured a claim.
Reluctantly I agreed to a kitchen gut and replacement.

The next thing I know is that the handling agents Cunningham, Lindsey, instructed a total ground floor gut out, no one at Saga or their handlers , would answer my calls and emails about why this was now the plan or tell me what I was to do with my ground floor furniture, me , my daughter, 4 cats and 2 dogs..... I tried for 10 days to get an answer..
then the wreckers came to gut out my home.
Panic in me had now set in.

Not only did my larger furniture end up in the garden, no one helped me move it, I had to demolish my original retro suite in doors to get it out.
They took out cooker and fireplaces and left them on the floor whilst they hacked plaster off the walls, so they were choc full of dust, radiators were left outside too.
All large furniture and white goods had to be replaced, yet all of it had been fully working and fine.

Since we'd moved upstairs I threw a fury when they said theyd be taking out the stairs...
They didnt ....
I remained upstairs, finally putting my animals in care 3 weeks later since they still hadnt tcontacted me,
(for 10 months folks, costing over £8000 that time) so photographed all that was found.
NO evidence of water damage to the underfloors from the 'flood'.
No evidence of plaster capillary water damage anywhere, in any room. Concrete floor in kicthen just fine and my 1903 home had sound foundations.
NO evidence of water damage to any plaster, and there was very little plaster, for capillary water travel behind kitchen floor cupboards, funny that.

Then they start to dehumidify....3 months after gut out  mind you...
its winter, its cold, no rads, no heating, microwave to cook in, on the landing.
No hot water either to bathe in.
Then sporadicly  builders come in, house left unoccupied and unlocked on 8 occasions whilst I am at work _ house keys are 'lost', front door handles and locks broken and thats the bits I found out about by coming home unexpectedly - yes I blow another gasket or three and take keys off them, new locks fitted.
I alone now can let them in and monitor how infrequently they do work at my home.

10 months later and damp patches occur on walls in the kitchen and front room, (wrong plaster mix had been used, unquote and water leaks from next door filter through brickwork) and my photos show that sleeper walls below the floor boards had been built solid........former ventilation holes in dividing walls had been filled in.
I hadnt known that was wrong then but Id been given a  Builders Registered Cert afterall, right?
Found that the new fuse box they fitted, had not been correctly earthed yet I had an Electrical certificate, right?
Proved that no official inspections had taken place after I got a mediator chap on the job finally for help.

All floors came up again, sleeper walls rebuilt, plaster off walls, kitchen all gutted out again .....all replacement furniture taken away this time round. I had 2 months in a hotel
Not that great when I wanted to be at home, have my grandchild there and my own life back.
Oh yes, the ground floor toilet?
That had been fitted wrongly...THATS why it flooded from its base so much, odd that.
I go on anti depressants, work was great, my head was fooked you could say... and I was Angry, angry to a point that I could have injured another cowboy builder, impaled him with his trowel.

Was that it? My insurance premiums doubled each year from £330 to £1950 pa........ no other insurer would cover me at all.

The 2nd laminate floor lifted after 2 weeks of being laid, faulty product they told me, but months later I establish from an independant assessment that it was faulty fitting by their workmen - again.

The insurers still will not tell me categorically what the total spend on my home came out to, all the rebuilding,the twice stripping out and replacement furniture, 12 months of animal care and 2 months of hotel accomodation this last time round in 2010...........3 years after the events of the Hull floods.
Aviva folks, avoid them.
They said sorry of course and assure me the additional costs of repairing what their builders did wrong or negligently or fraudulently......isn't lodged on my 'claim'.
But other insurers tell me its above £100, 000 and I have a 3 bed mid terraced house worth £99,950 so thats almost silly right?
Especially when it wasnt flooded?

SO angry as I have been over finding out just how negligent, fraudulent and manipulative the Insurance industry is ... and seeing the devastation wreaked by the (w)bankers and their systems...this movie has just re- ignited my anger!

I loved where Michael walks round one of New Yorks major financial buildings wrapping yellow and  black Crime Scene tape around it then hollars through a megaphone for the guilty culprits to come out, to give themselves up....AND
where he goes to each bank with a big plastic bag asking that they give us the public, the money back, that they manipulated from us to bale them out of their own cock up.
He tells the security staff that he wants to make a citizens arrest and we the public, want our money back and the culprits arrested.

AND where he greets folks as they leave work from these 'upstanding' (sic) insitutions, asking if someone could explain to him what "derivatives " really are.
Could they give him some advice about about them......and one of the suited smart arses shouts back..
"yeah stop making movies...."
None of the blokes he does interview really CAN explain to him exactly what a derivative is..............its gambling basically. With our money. One guy almost chokes trying.

And we are the losers whichever way the dice fall.

I know some of you may work at a bank and you need a job and my argument here is not with you.
Maybe you have little choice where to work.
Its with the honchos up the food chain from you.
Its with the system that supports the wealth held by 1% of the population as Michael Moore illustrates with the leaked memo that Citibank sent round to its chosen few, warning them that the 99% could cause them trouble.
Its with capitalsim and the fact that we allow it run this way.

When I was in the police force, the question
'What do you do for a living?'
.................................. was a conversation killer lol
Same question now?
Ans: ' Im an investment banker'
Same result........this time it would be me who raising an eyebrow walks away, trying hard to hold my tongue, maybe.
Capitalism is fraudulent and the insurance industry is tied in with it.
US that other 99%, have the moral right to stand up against this blatent theft and manipulation.
We should do so, in whatever way we can.
Start by not telling the bloody insurance companies everything!
And please, please watch that movie, then think about what it says about our society ................and us.

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