Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Mental Agility Test and a Giveaway !


Why not try the above link and see how you do on the mental agility tests for a bit of fun ?
My pal Mary sent it through to me........ the things we do rather than housework!
They seem to alter each time you do it, so you can drive yourself mad over and over again.
Some are repeated so you can memorise whats gone before, which helps lol

AND................ I have a package sorted out for a

Giveaway to celebrate my now getting on for, 11000 page views ........... which is about 10950 more than I thought I'd ever have!

BUT........... its going to be a surprise package......

although ....

there will be much coloured foil
and an Aussie Felt magazine
and a fabric and yarns bundle
and a few  little something elses .......

SO ................if you fancy taking part and like surprises.....

please leave a message of some sort, 
( rude entries will be discounted naturally!)
and make sure you are contactable via email or your blog whatever.

If you post about it on your own blog, then you can have a second entry, but that means you have to leave a second, seperate message.

I will pick a number out of the sorting hat on the last day of july, will do it at midnight British Summer time, so there you are.............
you've got to be in it, to win it!
And if you do, I don't think you will be sorry...........:)


  1. that was fun and i did pretty well. thanks. i'd love to join in on your giveaway.

  2. congratulations...but i don't need a package

  3. what fun and congrats on your achivment but then if you have an interesting blog..we come back and back and back my friendxx Yes l can find loads of puzzles and excuses not to do my housework! Haxx good luck who ever wins the giveawayx lynda

  4. Thanks Ladies........so much :)

  5. Well! I knew my memory was bad...oh dear. The rest of it was fine though. Fun. Thank you Lyn.

    ~ CONGRATULATIONS ~ on so many page views...It'll take me years to get to that!

    I'd love to take part in your lovely sounding giveaway...thanks Lyn and good luck everyone.

  6. The dust bunnies survive another day thanks to the quiz. I was happy that I scored younger than my age. Thank you for the inspiration and congrats on the 11000 page views - wow!

  7. I know what you mean Jeannie....the Wii machine I went on told me I was obese and a hand held games gadget the kids bought for me, told me my mental age was 75! ( repeatedly dam it!)I sold it!
    Good luck with the draw :)

  8. Heavens Helen Im positive it wont take you that long!!!
    Good luck too!

  9. You have so tempted me to say something rude, but I don't really have the mental agility to think of something, so I will restrain myself.
    Please count me in.

  10. Well here i am it's now 5.00am too hot here to sleep even with my air conditioner on but glad you posted the tests, helped to pass a good half hour for me and was shocked to see how well i did considering my lack of sleep ! congrats on all your page views ! please count me in for your surprise draw

    take care
    michelle x

  11. Ooooo, that sounds like fun! I can't imagine having that many viewers at my humble blog--www.QuilterBeth.blogspot.com. Congratulations!

  12. Yum, a giveaway! Oh I'd love a chance to win some goodies. Congratulations on your pageview milestone LinieCat. It certainly feels good, doesn't it?

  13. Those tests were great. I got under my age on all and quite a bit younger on 2 of them!

    Congratulations on your blog milestone.

    I would love to enter your giveaway!

  14. Congratulations! And please include me in your give-away. And thank you for yet another excuse not to do housework. Love it!