Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Brain stall but still stitching

Am having a bit of a crisis I think. What do I do next?
Sell up and move house?
Then chuck the job in?
A where can I run to kind of crisis. Silly really, but its been creeping up on me and this week its sort of crystalised.
So I feel as if Im in flux and in need of a 'capacitator' to blow any cobwebs out, so I can think clearly again..well as much as Ive ever been able to anyways.

I have rejazzed this tree from ages ago. It lacked something so I have infilled edges with a toning rippled voile, thats not quite gold and not quite rust........probably hard to see it at all with all the 'autumnal' shades of old head scarf in there...

Then I had a knitting urge so made some Head Huggers and fingerless gloves. I used some of the yarn I bought in spain last year on the black Hugger, just catching it by its edge on a central stitch as I knitted. Pulled out the yarn is very lacey and of course I cant recall its name and will have thrown the yarn label out......
Made afew wristlets and put some pins onto backing papers.

Abit of eco dyeing next. Alum mordanted, old cotton pillow case with delphiniums, morning glory, sprinkled eucalyptus leaves and some mahonia bark offcuts bundled up and steamed.

And at work, stitching finger puppets to accompany the Dear Zoo story book for some early years bairns with limited sight.

And another batch for the same story but adapted with different animals to the original story! Going to have to do a different lion though, he gives me the heebies and the puppy isnt that clever either!

My mind was elsewhere today at work so think at least 3 of these puppets will have to go! Hey ho


  1. boy, you sure to produce a lot when you are having a crisis. love all those little puppets.

  2. I second what Deanna says!
    The tree is absolutely awesome, you definitely have a feel for how to manipulate cloth, yarn, etc. to create something totally different. Wow!
    Sweet puppets -- my daughter has volunteered at the blind school here, if she continues, I'll send her here to get some very cool ideas for the kids. Sending you good vibes, Lyn. Whatever you decide will be right. xo



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