Sunday, 17 July 2011

On a lighter note.... Karen Slaughter book - 'fallen'

Karen Slaughter's latest book now released in the Uk....

Will Trent sounds wonderful, hope they never make a movie of him though. I have my own imaginative picture of him and want him to stay that way.
Have read all her books and apart from 'Martin Misunderstood' fell for the team, Sara Linton, Geoffrey, Faith and Will.



  1. I'll try the library for it. Thanks for commenting on my blog.

  2. I'm just stopping by give you a
    HELLO! Yup, it's "threading forward" / blogless
    the last thing i saw on the blog was a
    kind comment from you then poof it was gone,
    removed without notice...
    take care!

  3. On my blog or yours? How bizarre, thoughI did try and post a blog comment to someone whilst at work, when I shouldnt be doing that lol and the page suddenly disappeared on me. Wonder if that
    was it! I assumed the Council 'Cyber Police' had zapped me and spent the rest of that day expecting to be called in for a rollicking lol
    Will pop back and see what id been looking at !

  4. Youre welcome Sandy, make sure you get the book before Fallen too, it follows on nicely.

  5. Lyn, what genre are Karen Slaughter's books? I'm always on the watch for a "new" author!