Friday, 6 May 2011

I'm going to live......and heart stones Peggy!

.............and to prove it Im stitching ..........but still taking the antibiotics which have virtually taken the symptoms away yeyyyy.
Now ages ago I half made.......oops - a Shelagh Folgate workshop, well I got diverted by Judes, Beast workshop I think it was .......and now Ive picked it up again, I knew something had to change for me to get back into I took some scissors and........... did this....Now Shelagh if you're looking at this, dont panic........I have an idea lolol

If you click on the piccy you will see I have pinned into place, some of the mahonia dyed lace edging off an old table cover. This will become the  leaves, with abit of jiggery pokery. I intend to stitch in some foliage in the bottom area behind the leaves.......bit by bit, so it may take a while, but its going to be reborn!

And here are afew pins I've made up..... and teacup nests, don't think I've posted these two before. So much more sensible to lay the nest, so that the cup stands up with the help of its own an advantage if you dont break the handles off of course.

Ive been looking out for the swallows to arrive, though it is abit early maybe and think thats partly why I got a bird thing going here.

My boys......but the old boy isn't doing that well of late bless him.

And these stones are for Peggy especially, hearts I've picked up on the beach and where they now sit out back.....


  1. Lyn, I love your rock-heart collection! I've never seen anything like it, the shapes, the veins, the muted colors -- oh me, oh my! It's a feast, thank you for putting the photos up!

    The stitching you're doing -- I'll have to go explore over at Shelagh Folgate's place -- your pieces are beautiful, using the lace as foliage is genius -- is it dyed with mahonia yellow flowers cuz mine are about to go into bloom. Love your pins and your very sweet boys holding still so nicely for their photo, you've been busy -- those antibiotics must have caffeine in them. Hehe...

  2. Not the flowers no, I used the bark and the trunks. I didnt get much colour to speak of from the buds or the flowers but slicing off the bark thinly, not even with much of the inner yellow on it, then steaming them rolled in fabric gave brill results and Ive used the bark slither pieces 3 times so far.
    The dye bath for those old doilies and lace were the actual remaining trunk bits chopped up and simmered for an hour or so. I think I dunked those fabrics in watered down soy milk drink first then dyed them in the dye bath, but salt water also worked fine too. The pot I simmered them in was steel.
    I keep adding afew more chunks of trunk and bark and topping off with water. I still have leaves left, havent used them yet.
    Do look at Shelaghs workshops, the TT one is excellant value and the newest mixed media looks fabulous, a fabric book and an altered book concurrently, ex cost too. Ive signed for that one too lol

  3. Thanks for sharing your post with me! I love everything you did. You are very talented!!!