Monday, 23 May 2011

Shelaghs Rosey Rosey -ish and dye results

I can finally say that Rosey Rosey is finished and I can think of nothing else to do to it. Its a twosum hanging now, but I suppose each would work on its own.
I grant you the brown tea towel does nowt for it of course!
I still have a third section to do something with but that will have to have different leaves, because I cant find the rest of the lace edging that I dyed and am sure the others were dyed with a different colourways anyway.
I have added beads and loose stitching to the flowers and took out the padding that had been in them.
Thats the first time Ive used Pro Markers to add to the background fabric, cant think why I havent done it before!

I had a dye session yesterday, with cold water dye and brambles (blackberries). Not bad results for only an overnight session.
My pal jean uses cold water dyes and I'd never really played with them but will definately do so again.
Mind you my moons turned out unexpected lol
I do not seem to have the knack of doing those. but am not disapointed with what emerged from the pot never the less!

 and think its called indigo, but the cold water sachet, which is SO much easier to sue than those daft little circular tins they sued to have the dye powder in lol
The above right was made by grabbing the wet cloth in the centre and swirling it round bit by bit, so it formed a spiral on itself. Then elastic banding it, to keep it together and pouring the dye mixture on it. That one seems to have worked splendidly, bet I wont manage it as well again lol
And my smaller moons, here at left, morphed into a humorous, spooky Roswell like, something or other!
All these are torn pieces of old linens, antimacassars and table cloths.

Again, a hanky with a whatever it is on it!

Here I used the brambles........3 punnets for a £1.00 at the fruit stall at car boot.........and they were huge, sweet and tasty! 
 I used one and half punnets for dyeing and theres some colour still in the pot to use up. I love the way its two sorts of colours. I used salt on all the fabrics, simmered the brambles in a steel pan and used the hard water from the tap, so nothing special at all.

And what about the crazy pinky red staining below here? You wont guess what that is so I am going to tell you lol
I used a rag to wipe up (spilt) red paint that I used on my front door step last week and threw it in the wash with the dogs towels!
And now the rag is streaked in places with this water mark its been cut into manageable pieces and is no longer in the duster and rag bag!

And lastly Ive bought a book, and in skimming through it am pleased I did! 
Watch this space, Ive an idea for a Jude Hill / Louisa L Smith- ish, moon and sun!


  1. love your dyed cloths. especially like that spooky one with the eclipse moon eyes and wind coming from its mouth. i love those kind of surprises.

  2. Thankyou Deanna it made me smile when I opened it out lol

  3. I like your dye results, and interesting to see what you did with Shelagh's rose, those pieces look good.....mine was never finished as I found the process too long and drawn out, so gave it up.

  4. Thanks Sue! I lost the plot because I got side tracked when I signed up for Judes Cloth to Cloth workshop ....bad planning on my part that! But I rarely follow a recipe or instructions and thankfully shelagh is a tolerant and understanding tutor!

  5. I found some Dylon sachets in my shed this afternoon looking a bit worse for wear in the damp from the winter and you've now given me an idea for how to use them. They're Chestnut and Olive Green and I haven't decided yet whether to mix them as they've probably lost their strength. Your results look great, some lovely effects.

  6. Julie mix them anyway! I used half the quantity of water recommended and mixed them in big plastic milk cartons, then poured them onto what I was dyeing.....the idea being Id make less mess.....well that didnt work lol

  7. Lyn, this is way beyond my abilities but I'm enjoying seeing the remarkable images that appeared for you. Sort of like a form of divination or something -- I'm sure a person could see the future in that gorgeous cloth! That book cover looks very inviting -- I can't wait to see what you make!

  8. I really like the old-man-alien! Nice dye day.

  9. I love Dylon dyes-and what you've done here!

  10. I dont think i can bring myself to cut alien up! I m ay have to try and keep him as a central motif somehow lol