Saturday, 14 May 2011

On a lighter note...pun....and planetary alignments

Having signed up for Jude Hills - Sun, Moon, Stars Whispering mini series I have been lightening fabrics in planetary shapes and was thrilled with this crushed velvet idea as yet what I will do with it, but just love it as it is ~
Love the colour thats left behind, I used the bleach and vim mix again and it took less than 10 minutes.
I stumbled on an old single quilt cover in the charity shop and was taken with the stars on it though it is an odd shade of not quite french navy cum jade background.......but couldnt very well leave it in the sho at 99p!
As you can see..........discharge paste did nothing much to the background

I was in need of fresh air today so spent an hour or so beach combing, on the river foreshore nearby. Its tidal so there was that rich briny smell in the air and a fresh breeze, just the job.

I was searching for heart shaped stones.......I wanted one to place on Sues coffin when its buried, but in the end I didnt find a large enough one, so will use one of my own from my garden, that I picked up at Spurn Head a while back.
(I did find a couple of small ones though for Peggy, so they will go in the post next week, along with afew bits of sea glass lol)

On the subject of sun, moon and stars..there is an aligment of 4 planets at the moment which are visible by the naked eye, certainly in Australia and here in the UK but surely elsewhere as well?
(They are mercury, venus, mars and saturn.......good huh?)

and also

so those of you also sunning and mooning, might like to check it out.
It could be said that I have seen the 4 said planets in line, across the UK heavens.........but if Im honest.........I could have 'dot to dotted' 4 shiny 'stars' all over the place and assured myself they were THE big 4!
So whose to really know without a telescope to confirm it and anyway it seems that mars zigzags about at the best of times !
But its an interesting thing to ponder when planning another planetary textile piece ala Judes workshops :)


  1. Beautiful moon. I will check out Canada for these sightings. Thanks - great info. Gilly

  2. Oh Liniecat - Iam so sorry for the loss of your frined. I just saw your previous post. Gilly

  3. Thankyou.....hope you get a chance to see them too!

  4. Dear Lyn, we need teachers like your friend, Sue, to show us how to live and die, so I'm glad you wrote about her and her journey into the great beyond. Even though I know it might be hard to write about. And a heart stone for her is touching. Thanks for still thinking of me, too, and I hope it doesn't cost much to mail? I'm liking both these moons, too. Today was my day to bleach, my hands smell awfully clean.

  5. Thankyou Peggy, love your bleaching results too.
    The stones I picked up werent that large this time, funny how they seem to find me rather than I find them at times. Next time Im out at Spurn I will look again for you anyway. Call it paying it forward or whatever, abit of postage wont break me lol

  6. I'm sorry for your loss, I'm sure the walk by the water was comforting.
    Thank you for visiting my blog.



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