Sunday, 29 May 2011

More Arts Trail at Saltaire

One of the joys yesterday was meeting Claire whose blog I follow and seeing some of her fine work, first hand.
Claire works with adults who have difficulties in life and she is involved with a community allotment, which benefits them in so many ways.
Claire has used much of what has been grown to dye fabrics with incidentally and results can be seen on her blog.
Great to meet you Claire!

Bermantoft again.....but what amazing colours...

You may recognise the cute pincushion rings from Etsy or Folksy and they are as cute as they look!
Paula Perrins of

AND LOOK! I could have brought them all home with me....
so much fun, so cute!

By Joanne Walker of
and look at that natty little drawer too.

What great use of the glitsy bracelet as well, doesnt she just look fabulous!

This is the way to see art.......above books, fabulous cards and art materials.
If you get the opportunity, do visit Salts Mill and see what else Bradford has to offer.
The dark satanic mills town has a great deal to interest us !
One of several for sale, cant find the listing for it though but they have one of the lesser houses ...
( ......... streets are named after his family you understand, George, Amelia, Ada, Edward, Fanny, Herbert, Whitlam, Helen, Albert, Constance, Shirley, Katherine, Jane...then theres Myrtle Place and others! )

1, Fanny Street is listed for £110,000 currently but not a patch to look at, as the lovely one above! Room sizes would be about the same mind you
and what a great address.........Fanny Street..........I love it!
Property image

Oh and Riel......a postcard will be on its way tomorrow !

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