Tuesday, 10 May 2011

My Rosey, Rosey and moons

This is my adaptation of Shelagh Folgates 'Rosey, Rosey' workshop, hope your not cross with me Shelagh!
Its a challenging and enjoyable workshop and well worth doing folks ........ and I did follow it almost to the end ... but got sidetracked as I said previously.
So now my one piece is to become two, or three pieces, to hang alongside eachother.
This is number one!
Having signed up for the Sun, Moon, Stars whispering series with Jude, I did abit of bleaching after work yesterday, not that successfully, but my first attempts, so not to worry.
Having said that I actually do like the blotchy brown and fringed navy one especially. I cant have mixed a smooth enough paste or was too heavy handed maybe, but I quite like the almost textured appearance Ive achieved..accidentally!

 The top left one is so pale its almost not there, centre right is a stamp, but its not clear enough as it is, but the individual circles will cut out and can be used I'm sure.

I cut shapes out of the plastic lids, from large natural yoghurt tubs for these. That top right one is actually round, though it looks skew whiff from this angle lol
These two I really like and if I'd paid more attention to where I was dropping the gunk......the one on the left might have had a more Plough like star configuration on it!

This was a lid to a box I picked up at the car boot somewhen-or-other. It had a piece of glass in its centre, but I knew it could work for a small stitched something.
The bonus is that I still have the 2" deep shadow box base left, with the same mini clapboard sides to it and that too should be able to house a stitched piece at some point.

And this last pic was as I sat at my pc here, last evening, looking out for swallows, to see if they'd arrived yet..

And they have !!!
So I now have swallows and swifts magnificently sky diving above my urban roof top .......... they never fail to fill me with joy.
Their lives are spent pretty much on the wing.
They fly 4000 miles here and then by September, 4000 miles back to Africa.........and yet they are so fragile to look at........
but so obviously, courageous in heart and spirit.......


  1. I, too, attempted the bleaching with little
    success. I even used full bleach!
    love your upper/center moon. is that
    one bleached?

  2. I love it, I love adaptations of my designs. Get some Decolorant & abandon the bleach - rots the fabric

  3. Lyn, your moons are wonderful -- you'll be able to use all of them, I bet. Just bought that cleanser stuff with bleach and it's sitting on the counter waiting for me -- tomorrow, hopefully.
    The rose is just gorgeous!



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