Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Egyptian there a wedding then?

Spent bank holiday weekend in pain with an abcess   and very swollen ear, it closed right up and was SOOOO painful. But thankfully its easing now after Dr gave me magical ear drops. But its still swollen and am deaf in that ear.......feels like when you submerge your head under water and your ears fill up with it...very odd!
Hope its not permenant!

Worked at home yesterday but was back in there today.
The collar here I made up at home. I was sat on the settee hand stitching this with a hot wheat bag wrapped round my ear, not the best look but Oh SO comforting!
I paid £10 (!) for the blumming thing, but saw it in the chemist and realised it was way better than the hot water bottle Id been using. So when you
see them at craft fayres for considerably one then!
This does have lavender in it too, so it smells divine but even so.......£10....

This collar is for the Egyptian Topic Box and will enable a child to wear it , though it might fall over their shoulders, so may have to make another one but smaller!
Its heavy weight painted pelmet vilene ( pellon) with bondaweb (wunderunder) on it and then foil stuck onto that surface, so its glitzy in places.
Then Ive used ribbon novelty yarn ( thanks Jean) and metallic thread and some nobbly wool, which I've couched down.
The gems came off a very Dallas style womans top, from a  jumble sale. I was going to stitch another row of them in place, but already it weighs so heavy, it could almost be considered an offensive weapon lol
Theres loads of gems left so enough to make a smaller version of this collar as well.

I also yesterday modroc'd my sarcophagus box and a in Topic Box sizes, not for my own personal use........and they are at work drying, after painting them with more gesso and paint with sand in it today.
Oh and then today at work, I repainted a model that came back in before Easter but looked abit sorry for itself. I made this to accompany the tactile book of The Lighthouse Keepers Lunch.
It looks heaps better now lol spot the basket with his lunch in! The kids love it Im assured. But what the hell, I had fun making it!
( and to think I never did make my son a Tracy Island..........)

Oh yes, THAT wedding.........well I do wish them both well and hope they have far better luck than Williams mum ever did bless her.
But I also hope that they snook into an Anglesey Church, or on to a Welsh beach, and tied the knot in secret ages ago, just them two selves, so that it was a real meeting of souls and not the British Empire Pageant, thats going to occur in London friday.
Its not THEIR wedding is it, again, the great public have laid claim to the pomp of the event.
Yes I will watch the to Westminster, and during, and probably just after bits but I am not, as our local radio of the zillions of women who are desperate to know what Kates dress is going to be like..nor do I need to listen to, over and over again, some dance class lady advising on what she thinks the first dance will be, that they dance to at the reception.....DUH
I will not be glued all day to the tv, I will not lose sleep tonight at all.... but yes, I will feel very saddened that the wedding I watched when Diana wed, ended so bitterly and tragically in the press.
She will be there in every part of the ceremony, in all but body, and that is awfully sad somehow.
I hope the public and the bloody press will give them leave to be the good people that they seem to be.
Here endeth my .....and wishing them all the best Im off to have a G&T!

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  1. Oh, hope you're feeling better by now, glad the wheat bag helps it. I've made something similar with just plain old rice and dried lavender and it has come in handy once in a while. You've been busy in spite of it all -- and the collar is absolutely amazing! The topic box sounds intriguing and fun.



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