Wednesday, 6 April 2011

A nine patch - ish!

I'm still not sure where I'm going with this but I seem to have made a nine patch, of sorts lol

I can't take credit for the idea of doing these to be fair.
I haven't stitched hexies together since way back whenever, but I saw some exquisite hexies stitched by Clarabella, see the link ..

and thought I might try and make afew out of the colour catchers to see how they stitched and what they'd look like 'in formation'.
Given these are on the almost drab background, they are quite unlike Clarabellas  beautifully stitched hexies, but for some daft reason I find them quite pleasing as they are.
Almost - modern dyes captured, yet trapped in nostalgia...
no, only had one glass of wine tonight lol
And I still have no idea where they are going...other than maybe they need some old mother of pearl buttons on there, will have to sleep on that though and see what the Creative Gene comes up with next..


  1. I love this -- the way they stand out on the eco cloth is only going to get better with the buttons. Have always wanted to sew hexies, and someday I will, maybe sooner than later now that I see yours. And I get it about the wine!! Ha. I try not to send emails or do any posts on Friday nights! The send button should have a breathalizer on it, don't you think? The mermaid piece -- I love that, too. So much fun to see what you've made!

  2. Bless I have to decide which blessed buttons to stitch on and where to place
    Oh yes, what a great idea, a breathalizer send button! If that were so Id have saved myself £ !pounds on Ebay!!

  3. I love the contrast between the earth dyed cloth and the strong colors. This is very nice!

  4. This is lovely. I really like the way the colours work together. Thank you for mentioning my blog!



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