Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Hearing aid decorations

These are a couple of prototype hearing aid decorations I put together at work today, for a child who won't wear her hearing aids,
the idea being to encourage her to wear them by jazzing them up abit!
So I'm to make several pairs now for her to wear.
The blue and burgundy bow is her school uniform colours and she will have one on each hearing aid.
Much like earings, she can swap them after school and wear the glitzy beads.
You can get all manner of clip on figures like mini lego men and cartoon characters too, neat eh!
Oh and I had a faff with the dysfunctional heart lol but think it does need enlarging into a better shape or taking it apart!



  1. what a great idea for disguising the hearing aid. she'll have everyone wanting one. you did good.

  2. what a clever idea for the hearing aids-big hugs for you

  3. You might have started a whole new trend with these hearing aid covers!!

  4. Accessorizing the hearing aid with beautiful accessories is a great idea. It’s a great way to encourage kids to wear theirs all the time. And in my opinion, it's not just kids that will love this, but adults as well. Thanks for sharing!

    Albert Becker @ Zounds Hearing Aids