Tuesday, 25 February 2014

February Hexi BOM 2014 or is it actually a 'condition'?

January Hexi BOM reminder below - supposed to be a snowflake but I filled in the holes : )

and February's, well,
I obviously didn't look at the pattern properly lol
because this is what I made!
Less of a heart and more of a splodge, so I may have to take it apart yet because its annoying me as it is! lol
Maybe its a dysfunctional heart?

So having started my BOMs in my own colour choice of fabrics, I then saw the blocks made by the others who are taking part in this hexi along and realised I'd make a big mistake.
They'd all used appropriately suggested, coloured fabrics that looked so much better and I knew that I should have followed -----
the pattern as well lol --- duhh
So it looks as if I'm now making up 2 different sets of quilt blocks lol
 So here's my snowflake and heart as they should have been in the first place ~


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Oh and nip over to Jeans blog and read about the 'silver darlings', the herring fishes.  There's an exhibition that will travel down our east coast to celebrate not only the herring fishing heritage, but also the herring lassies who followed the fisher men's hauls cutting and gutting the fish.

There has to be a collective name for a hexi passion surely?
Hexi-itus, Hexicolism, Heximania, Hexifatuated, Hexcrazy?

Got any more ideas folks?
Maybe we could coin a new 'condition' name amongst us lol



  1. I am really bad at following instructions too-I love the new ones allot though-especially the snowflake-very nifty

  2. The rose fabric you used for the heart is awesome--love it!!

  3. i do like the first one you did. it looks like a scientific configuration. something you would see under the microscope...unique. how about 'hexatology'.

  4. I had a good (albeit sympathetic) laugh at your problems. We learn from our mistakes so it wasn't a waste! I do love your new blocks and the heart block with the roses (not the splodge) looks so dimensional! It is gorgeous! Well done Lyn!

  5. Those hexies all take a lot of time. I think all your blocks look great! Thanks for sharing your experimental experiences!

  6. LOL - your first snowflake looks like a star to me. Add another hexie and a half to fillin the joint on your heart - turn it over and you have a hexie spring tree! All in the eye of the beholder. Your second set are great, too. Love the heart made from the rose fabric - looks one piece. Thanks for sharing.

  7. So pleased to see your snowflake! I have been thinking of using epp to vreate snowflakes! Yours is lovely and so is the rose/heart!!! I'll have to check out the sites you linked to!!

  8. Lyn, the hexi heart is grand! Wow! I definitely need help in the hexi area -- I work so slowly and they still come out wonky. Will check out your link!

  9. This is a fun idea for a BOM. I am especially loving the rosy heart. I think instead of taking the first heart apart, you could add more to round it out.

  10. I love how you joined your hexies . . . especially the snowflake. I decided that before Christmas I want to have a Christmas wall hanging quilt for the living-room and your snowflake is perfect. Thank you for the idea. I am your newest follower and I would love to invite you over to follow me back. I've met the nicest people in blog-land :)
    Your new blogging sister, Connie :)

  11. Hmmm - not all snowflakes are the same so who sez they have to be as the pattern said? As for your heart - what if you added just one more hexxie to the bottom to elongate it?