Sunday, 16 February 2014

GYB Giveaway Winner

Well I almost forgot about the draw part of the GYB lol
being full of cold and having jiggered my back  - so
    drum roll ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    Congratulations go to

the medusa doll is great! I am passionate about crazy quilting...
All I need is Wendy's address and I will be sending her some crazy quilting crafty bits : )
I've had a great time finding new blogs to visit and I'm really pleased that some of you have decided to pop in here now and then too!
There are so many gifted and interesting folks in cyber land and it's a privilege to have been invited in to see so many of you!
Remarkably today has been bright and sunny and after weeks of excessive rain and recently high winds to add to the chaos, one could have almost thought Spring was on its way.
I do hope so!!
In fact today I noticed 4 inside out umbrellas, dumped by the side of the road, perhaps where they gave in against the raging winds or maybe where they landed!
I also spotted colourful streaks of crocus in the central reservations of near by main roads too which was just delightful to see !


  1. Crocus? Oh, how I wish!! Ours are buried under two feet of snow and more on the way. Maybe the inside out brellies were from wanna-be Mary Poppins-zzzz?

  2. Glad you enjoyed a taste of Spring today!

    And congrats to lucky Wendy :)

  3. congrats Wendy and congrats Linecat!! you won my give away and I need your address..............

  4. I will be glad when spring arrives here...I am so happy to have won your giveaway...hope you are having a great day.



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