Thursday, 6 February 2014

Makeover chairs - Babes in the Wool shop and - 2014HexieBOM


Well welcome to everyone, whether you were here before
or have stumbled in and stayed recently more recently : )
It's really lovely to have you ALL along!

I really liked these two chairs for sale in a local store, they'd been nicely distressed and were for sale at £40 each. I've done similar paint jobs to chairs over the years but I particularly liked the colours and fabrics used on these. I was sorely tempted must admit lol

Then just across the road from that shop is 'Babes in the Wool' a delightful little wool shop with some really lovely yarns.
I had to take some pictures of the window display and although its not a great picture, maybe you can make out the blue cat in this one........
he's kind of scary-cute!
These have all been made by the shops crochet group I was told.

And these on an inside wall were amusing and colourful. Even the clock was covered in crochet!

Now ...........hexi's...........
I still haven't unearthed my already started hexi quilt top but I'm still not going to panic -
But since I'm having hexi withdrawal symptoms, I've joined in on the 2014 Hexi BOM and for the blessed life of me I cant recall who set this up!
I know! there's no excuse at all for that !
**** For details see Julia Woods link below ****

and to subscribe to the group and join in the hexi fun, go here:

I'm hoping there may be a button to use on the blog, with a link to use and there is a yahoo group set up for those taking part in it too.
So bear with me and I will pass that info to you when I've sussed it out duhhh


The idea is to make a block a month and the designs are posted on the first of the month, there is no obligation to complete each month by any certain date, so coming late to it shouldn't make it any harder.

But it may well satisfy my hexi cravings until I find the cover I'm making. IF I ever find the cover that is lol

Januarys design block was a snowflake and here's mine above ... though the colours aren't very snowy or true to the fabric in these pic's. I've filled in with a plain lemon, where there should have been gaps too lol
But then, I rarely ever follow directions properly : )
But by seeing other folks pictures I'm not alone in having done that!

I bought these fabrics new at the Harrogate show - I know, dreadful of me when I've stacks of recycled cottons, cough, cough.

I bought the fabrics from NaturaLeigh
( thanks for reminding me Jean lol)
and of course now I want some more of it, I can't find any on their website!
Maybe they'll be at the NEC in march ~
Look for them on Facebook where they have a natty video to show you how to make yummy little hemp rope embellishment.

The hexi block for February is - naturally - a heart so I now need to search amongst the recycled fabric bags and start hexi'ing again.
: )



  1. That's a Cheshire Cat!! He's adorable - personality plus, that's for sure. So sorry you haven't unearthed the hexxie quilt as yet - I might just be starting to panic a teeny bit on your behalf.

  2. LOVE your hexi's! I might have to give it a go. . . maybe ;)

  3. True snowflake colors or not, I like it!