Thursday, 6 February 2014

Ethereal reflection

I bought a new camera and am still getting to grips with it,
 but it has enabled me to capture this reflection on a wall at work.
In the early morning, the watery sun filters through tree branches and framed by a circular window, this ephemeral shadow keeps on intriguing me.

It only last for about 15 minutes then of course the light alters and you can watch this fade before your very eyes.
I love the transient design element as much as anything ~


  1. That is a neat reflection. Enjoy the new camera.

  2. great capture. i love following the shadows and reflections in my kitchen during a sunny afternoon. my camera has been acting up and i'm probably going to need a new one real soon.

  3. That's a neat photo. Could have some fun with that in Photoshop.

  4. This is great! It reminds me that sometimes if the light is just right it comes through my studio window and hits a piece of cut glass on my lamp and bounces a lovely prism onto the wall in the hall. You've inspired me to try to get a picture next time it happens!

  5. I love shadows-- and even more so-- taking pictures of shadows. Light can cast the most beautiful images--

    Thank you for your visit and precious prayers for our friend.



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