Sunday, 26 January 2014

Deborah O'hare's work and an alternative busker!

How about this for alternative busking?
I noticed the guy pushing a wheelie shopping cart and taking something out of it then dropping it on the floor, as I walked past him to the shops in Hull yesterday.
On my way back he had done this and was working away on it with a palette knife.
Now it was damp, grey and blummin cold outside, so I reckon he deserved the pound I put on his collection plate!
I've never seen anyone do this before in the cities streets, sand art for the City of Culture -to-be lol

And here's something I've treated myself to, made by the very talented Deborah O'Hare who sells her work on Etsy.
This is the second piece of hers that I've bought and I love it.
 Deborah dyes her own fabrics and does workshops so if you want to see more of her work, do visit her blog and Etsy store.
Deb also monitors another blog that's well worth a look at and that's the Prayer Flag blog, find the link on her

Now I'm trying to determine whether it needs a frame and which wall to hang it on, gosh decisions, decisions! what fun though lol
Thanks so much Deborah : )


  1. that's a lovely piece from Deb, I love her work too, but am yet to treat myself. I didn't realise she monitored The Prayer Flag project blog, which I follow. Fun to find the sand art on a city street, good on you for supporting him.

  2. Wow, I cannot imagine doing that kind of sculpture outdoors on a raw day...what would your hands feel like? I would have contributed to the pot as well!
    Love the blue bunny too :)

  3. Both are wonderful art pieces!! I can see why you bought the one and supported the other. I can't imagine how heartbreaking it must be to see the art in sand destroyed with time!

  4. Ha! It is a very strange sensation to open your blog feed and see your name in one of the titles. Thanks for the mention Lyn :D

  5. That sand art is fun! I would have given him some money too! The work by Deborah O'Hare is beautiful, dreamlike.
    Thanks for visiting me earlier, and I'll 'see' you again soon.

  6. O Goodness, what a wonderful sculpture - and the little quilt as well. Lovely to see.

  7. Both artists are very talented. I'd not seen Deb's work before but will go visit now. Thanks for your words of understanding on my blog. Oma Linda
    ps I'm following your blog by email now.

  8. Absolutely beautiful! A lovely blessing of a purchase!

  9. Hi Lyn -- oh that blue rabbit piece is so pretty. A nice housewarming gift for yourself, yes? Thanks for the links, always fun to visit a new place! xo