Monday, 20 January 2014

fabrics from Studioapatchshe and a blog hop on the agenda

I know.
 I need more fabric like a hole in the head but let me try and explain,
to make myself feel justified in buying this bundle of lovely fabrics lol

I had an idea for a banner like project, based loosely on some of Mandy Portillo's work that I'd seen on Etsy.

I hope to attach  a birdy themed banner to the pelmet that is going to sit across my sliding doors between the front room and the dining room.
Not that the pelmet is there yet,
or the doors,
but there is  the mechanical gadgetry in situ and in time the new glass and wood slidey doors will be fitted
- when I've bought the doors and if my wonderful son gets round to then fitting them lol

So then I get a newsletter about a 30% sale of fabrics on Shelagh Folgate's STUDIOAPATCHSHE online store so naturally,
I was inclined to take a look : ) 
Partly because Shelagh is a lovely lady who although we've never met,
I have chatted to online for ages now and partly because I'd been thinking of buying some fabrics in certain colours anyway!
So I popped into STUDIOAPATCHSHE online and blow me,
these fabrics SPOKE to me!
Yes! Really!

Well let me tell you, the fabrics were with me, within a couple of days and they were beautifully wrapped, lovingly folded in tissue paper and tied up carefully.

I've done several of Shelagh's online workshops which I've found to be both fun and challenging and would recommend you pop into her online fabric store to see her selection of fabrics.

But please don't blame me if the fabrics SPEAK to you too! lol

I have hand stitched some fabric strips together so far for the backgrounds and am collecting other fabrics for the applique birds.
I am however going to sift through my stash fabrics for the birds ~
can you see my halo?
I will post piccies once I've got the hang of my new camera which I've had to buy because I bounced my other one off the settee, once too often, dam it.

Oh and after friday ( 24th) I may have visitors popping into the blog since I'm taking part in the Grow Your Blog, blog hop, which I took part in last year too.
There will be a Giveaway which all of you can enter too, so please do!


  1. some pretty fabric you got. i've stopped feeling the need to justify anything i do these days. just enjoy it.

  2. Those fabrics are positively drool-worthy (and I went and looked at her site too...yep....drool). Ah well, I added to my black CQ fabric stash yesterday with a trip to the thrift store...came home with half a dozen different fabrics (blouses) for cheap, so I'm happy.