Sunday, 5 January 2014

2014 already : ) and some cloth dolls .....

Happy New Year folks and I hope you've all had a lovely Christmas, celebrating or relaxing in whichever way you chose.
Christmas arrived before I was ready for it and so has 2014!
I'm getting much more sorted out in the new home, although waiting for my lovely son to finish various bits but I really like the house now we have improved her in so many ways.
Of course the garden will need tackling when the weather improves -
IF the weather ever improves lol and that will be a whole other story!

First some of my fabulous (recently hung) pictures.....on a wall papered with a paper that I adore!

The central watercolour one bought for me by great pal Mary and the other two multi media pieces I bought myself from the talented Lou of DrawntoStitch.
Her work featured on the cover and in an article in CPS and its well worth looking at her Facebook photo albums to see her stunning work.
Pieces come in smashing white box frames, incredibly well wrapped up too. And no, I am not on commission!

During December at our embroidery group (EYES) meeting we had one of our own members, Paula Bell, talk about and display the dolls she had made.
I didn't stay for the talk itself, I had other things I had to do but did stay long enough to buy a few bits off the sales table and to take a few piccies.

There was a display on the stage ( as is usual) of things that members had brought in to compliment the talk itself and Jean brought these adorable little dolls that look old, but she believes were copies of much older dolls.
( for further details ask over at )
They are only about 5" high.... and are oddly cute, infact
they remind me of Mable Lucy Atwell illustrations lol
Am sure Jean would welcome information if anyone recognises the pattern used.

Jean also displayed one of her alternative dolls which I think is great fun!

I thought Paula's genie in a bottle was a clever idea lol

and loved the feet on this elfish doll

and here are the others, most of which are just not to my taste, but their clothing and the hands on the mermaid especially, were so well made.



I have been doing a bit of knitting for Evie and some random afghan crochet, but having taken photos, my laptop is playing up and not allowing me to download the blessed pics.
Probably as well I'm back at work tomorrow so I can drop the laptop into the IT guys, it worked fine until I downloaded the last Microsoft update!

I hope your all safe, warm, dry and comfy, despite the world wide  weather!

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  1. I love the genie and the bottle! What a clever idea, and beautifully done :)



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