Saturday, 7 December 2013

The new house and a stitchy fair

This Christmas lark has come round way too fast for me again!
I have finally got my furniture out of storage and the animals came to the new home 2 days ago too.

The local removals firm were a nightmare and they were so useless this is what they left in my bathroom, but didn't mention it before they left!
Its a king size mattress and bed base which they couldn't fit in the bedroom cos they'd left boxes and drawers spread about and not stacked more sensibly.

They were going at such a rate of speed I couldn't get up the stairs to see where they were putting things and I can see why they were in such a hurry to be paid and then leave!
Now it has to be said that almost all of what they called my " boxes of trinkets" is in fact, cough, craft gear!
It took me about 30 minutes to stack it all to one side enough to allow me to get the bed base and mattress in place.
( but then I used to load aircraft for a living lol and this 'crew' were dippy daft blokes!)
Now I have to admit, my de-cluttering before I left my other, larger house was pretty thorough I thought BUT - its going to have to be an on going occupation obviously lol
Im going to have to make things using what is in any box I open, rather than think what I fancy doing then look for the makings!
The chances of finding anything is frankly pretty slim!

One third of this boxed stash is now in the boarded loft and the rest is stacked in a quirky triangular 'dressing area' in that front bedroom ( oh and tucked under the bed too lol)

I have an almost fitted kitchen, got spotlights but no taps and a sink that's not connected to the drain lol but bonus! -the lounge is almost sorted!
The dining room has yet to be sorted out, where there are more boxes but they are mostly kitchen and garage bits.
The garage is full of building debris and book cases that came here but can't fit so are going elsewhere.
Oh and the animals are getting slowly used to the new place, although Hilly puss spent her first 2 hours here - under the lounge floor! 
Having wriggled through a 4" gap in the floorboards in the under stairs cupboard for whatever reason, we could hear her mewing beneath our feet - dizzy cat!!

Okay here's some bits of interest -
Evie is growing and a joy

Grandson Jack is still my number one boy -
here he is playing with hand puppets from the Indigo Moon Puppet Theatre group.
and here's a few things that took my fancy at the Harrogate show
by Mary Fisher
And I think the below are by her also

Loved these too - all very different!

by Margaret Nicholson (- many thanks Hazel !)
Stunning beadwork though.
     and this was taken whilst catching a little peace from builders in my house, down at Hessle Foreshore close to the Humber Bridge.
This was under water the other day as the high winds mixed with the exceptionally high tides!


  1. Gorgeous babies and thank you for the look at the K&S, I didn't get there this year. I hope you are soon settled in to your new home.

  2. Ah - the joys of moving house. I remember it altogether too well! Adding renos on top of the moving just adds to the joy (not!!). Just tackle one box at a time and try not to think about the rest.

  3. The beadwork was by Margaret Nicholson. Your comments about moving and your boxes, bring back the horror stories of when we moved. I still have not unpacked most of my sewing/arty stuff, but do know where most of it is. I have lost the will to live with regard to sorting it all out. Come to the conclusion I am never going to get my studio sorted so that I can actually work in it. We will move again first I believe!!

  4. oh looks like you've got your work cut out for you, but it will get done in time. the kiddos are just delicious and i imagine a constant delight. looking the forward to your post that says all is settled in your new home. wishing you the best.

  5. Best Wishes for your new home. I hope you will be very happy there.
    I'd like to make it to Harrogate some day

  6. Best Wishes for your new home. I hope you will be very happy there.
    Someday I'd like to get to Harrogate.

  7. Evie's grown so much! How time flies. Is Jack doing alright sharing Nana? :)
    I love your idea of using whatever you come upon rather than looking for a particular thing -- going with the flow. That's definitely smart. Happy unpacking, Lyn! xo

  8. Hello, thanks so much for your kind comment, I hope you enjoy the Workbox magazine:) Good luck with your move.xx

  9. Good luck with the move. I remember when we shifted to our new home and got very emotional but I think it was because we had so much stuff and there was only two of us doing the unpacking, plus I kept thinking that I had to do all of the unpacking in one day. Silly me!