Thursday, 21 November 2013

Charity shop find pattern

I picked up this delightful pattern for 50p and its well worth it.
From 1975 no less!
It had never been opened up or used, the tissue paper pattern still folded perfectly and although I could make much the same without using the pattern anyway, what is so lovely about this is how they have used fastenings so cleverly in the design.
Credit where it's due!

I wouldn't have thought of making lions tail, plait- able for instance
or placing buttons just so on hippos ample mouth!
Aren't they fun!!
Elephant is on roller skates which made me chuckle, so if it pleases old biddies it must surely be fun for children!

So come on folks, do you remember this pattern, did you ever make it up for your bairns, have you ever seen it made up and used maybe?

: )


  1. seems like your posts have not been showing up on blogger. i need to go check that out. i didn't think you had blogged but i see that you had. sorry to hear you are living in dust and are not feeling well. hope that will soon be cleared up. love your pattern finds. i see a little girl turning pages of a fabric book. i have done that in the past. they are fun to make.

  2. Hi Lyn, I don't remember this one, but it looks fun -- timeless. How's your new place coming along? Are you moved in yet?

  3. loving the just how does my brain work.....from animals I springboarded to a digger....will have to draw it...and show you

  4. Looks like a real find! Thanks for commenting on my blog. Taping the fabric may be a good idea.

  5. Do hope you get sorted soon. You must be getting fed up with the mess! Happy New Year. xx