Monday, 13 January 2014

Ruth Brown talk at EYES and the stage exhibition

'I'll just check your diary Nannie '...... nine months already bless her.

a night stop at nannies lol

It was Ruth Brown speaking at our monthly embroidery club meet (EYES) last weekend and she humorously explained how she found her way after a busy career, into dyeing silks, cyanotype dyeing and digitally printing on fabrics.
Ruth was a club member but since weekends are her busiest days, she can no longer attend on a regular basis, since when she's not teaching at home, she travels all over the country giving talks and doing workshops these days. 
Ruth lives out towards Spurn Point here in East Yorkshire, where she has a smashing purpose fitted out barn and runs really interesting workshops.
I've attended one of her cyanotype workshops myself and really enjoyed the photographic process.
Ruth has also written the books 'Cyantypes on Fabric' and 'Digital Imagery on Fabric' and she sells cyanotype kits from Stone Creek Farm, link below ~

As usual some members brought items in to display and inspire us all and I thought you might like this quilt ......... it was such great fun.
Made by Pauline Pope and I loved it!
I'm not sure if it's from a specific pattern, I didn't think to ask at the time, I was too busy oohing and ahhhing lol


I hope it's made you smile too lol

And EYES now has a new member and its a gentleman!
I meant to ask if this was a first for us but forgot. He's very brave when there are about 130+ female members LOL though they don't all come, every month to be fair.
All credit to him mind you and the club will support him all the way I know.
And below is the quilt he displayed and he has stitched it all by hand bless him!

Good on you Graham!
Loved this bag made by Paula Bell ~ (she made the cloth dolls of a previous post)

and Becky Parker, one of the teenage members had made this cute Smurf Lady, which was beautifully made.

Another interesting talk to listen to and some striking work to see and then there was the sales table, full of bargains!
Like I needed any more stash ~ but its rude not to buy the odd thing or two, right, in support of the club? Right.....?


  1. Of course you should buy things to support the club (I can say that because it's not my Those cats definitely did make me smile! Glad to hear that a man has braved joining the club - it's about time men got to take part in the fun things we do.

  2. I love the cat quilt and know one little girl who would like to snuggle under it.



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