Saturday, 25 January 2014

Grow Your Blog 2014 - with a giveaway : )

  Hello there and welcome : )

To those that pop in here regularly I'm happy to 'see' you again!
No, really!!

What mythological character is this above do you think?
Answer at the end lol

Now it's quite possible that some of you dropping by, will be passing through whilst travelling along the 500+ blog pathway that is the
( 500+ blogs !!)
 2014 Grow Your Blog
event that was devised and organised by

Vicki of '2 Bags Full'

A full list of all the participating blogs are listed on Vicki's blog above, do go and browse the list and check out Vicki's fabulous nests!
 BUT Don't go yet please ! lol

Well welcome to ALL of you!

I hope you'll have time to take a look back at some of my posts and see if there's anything that you find interesting enough to encourage you to stay, or pop back again some when.
But no pressure, you're still welcome, whether you're passing through or coming back lol

A potted resume about me and then I'd like you to watch a short film about the city I live in, which won for us, the opportunity to be the
2017 City of Culture.
Although I was born in Birmingham, I've lived here in East Yorkshire some 20 years or so.

Okay the me bit .....  I'm Lyn, a much travelled, ex WRAF Aircrew who married then had a wonderful son and daughter.
(I now also have a grandson and a granddaughter so consider myself doubly blessed.)
Hubby later left, then he died at only 40, ( he was younger than myself)- so we lost him twice over.
I came to crafting late on really but it's become my therapy in so many ways.
I am employed to devise and make tactile educational resources for visually impaired children and it's a job I adore doing.
So I stitch, knit, glue and make things for work as well for my own satisfaction. Good eh?

I like to use recycled materials as often as possible, broken lampshade rings, driftwood, fabrics from charity shop clothing and vintage yarns.
I like wet felting, needle felting, dye a bit, knit a bit, crochet a bit, patchwork a bit and CL-art a lot.

I read a lot, thrillers mostly.
I LOVE illustrations that have been originally made from textiles and have begun collecting children's books with them in, for my grand children, naturally.......... cough, cough.
Okay that's the boring bit now have a watch and listen if you've time?

Hope that gave you a flavour of where I'm living and the following pics may give you a flavour of what I do and post on here.
You can skip the pics and go right to the giveaway if you prefer lol

Okay now for the giveaway - there are no particular hoops to jump through.
Anyone can enter but I must be able to contact you by email if you win : )
Anonymooses won't be considered sorry.
One entry each to make it fair for all.
What will you win?
Ah well - that's up to you!
If you leave me a comment telling me what your most interested in then I will send you something related to that, if that makes sense!
( I have a BIG stash folks ... a lot of it still unused! )

If you like to felt, then I will most likely send you wool fleece.
If you love will be beads of some kind.
If you like silk, it will be silk fabric scraps or threads.
If you like water colours...well bad luck.. I haven't got any!
If you like crazy patchwork, you'll most likely get a scraps bag.
You get the idea okay?
SO all I ask is that you tell me what your most interested in and that will form the basis of what you'll receive as a gift!
PLUS if your from overseas I will send you a British craft or stitchy/knitty magazine.
If your from UK then I will send you an overseas magazine instead.
Now I'm off to bed because I'm planning on strolling round the blogs listed over at Vicki's blog this weekend and it is liable to be a long walk round, so I need to rest a while before I set off..
Thanks for dropping by : )

OH YES....... the answer is Medusa of course!
This toy doll was easily turned into a tactile version of what Medusa
might have looked like.
Ideal for blind children to 'feel' the snakes which apparently formed her hair.........
and they pay me to do this at work ......Bliss!


  1. That Medusa is a riot! Your work is wonderful-just love the wolves and the denim bird! I'm still trying to learn to sew but love fabric and anything craft related! So glad to be part of the Grow your blog party! Cheers

  2. Hiya Lyn - I love the wolves - or are they coyotes? I'd have to hear them to know for sure :) I think we are in for an interesting time with this even BIGGER blog party! Have fun!
    And the only fibery/fabricy things I do are knit, and dye yarn. Pretty one-dimensional (literally) compared to your endeavors. :)

  3. I will post in unworthy lottery spot #1 and post that I started following you because I enjoy the variety of techniques that you blog about. I'm a rather 1 trick pony and collect only batiks, though I am inclined to use silks or brights. If, on the radically concept of winning, that I am lucky....I will re-gift to the person who writes the entry that makes me laugh the most.

  4. Awesome giveaway!
    I really love working with lace.


  5. Hi Lyn
    I've been following you for a while but it's good to learn more about you!
    I like quilting/stitching/dyeing/printing

  6. Thanks for checking in with me Lyn and it was inspiring to come visit your blog. I'm thinking after viewing the diversity of crafts shared by bloggers that I should try something new. Right now it's just handmade cards but they're fun and relaxing to make. Truthfully, I'd love to attend a workshop to make nests similar to what Vicki produces.

  7. Hey Lyn... oh I LOVE that video. Thanks so much for sharing it. What a great place to live.

    I'm popping over as part of the GYB Volunteer Team to say, "Welcome to the Party!"

    I'm having a blast strolling through all these worlds... so many different and fascinating worlds to poke around in. I can see I will need to get myself organized if I really want to pop round to all 600. Heh heh.

    I love that tree in a ring you created. And so wonderful to see the moon phases in your sidebar. I would like to add that to my blog... ah the inspirations I'm getting today.

    I'm a writer by trade, but I used to really enjoy making jewellery. I still have quite a stash of beads... might be time to dig it out and get back to creating.

    Have a great time at the party.

    go easy ~pam

  8. ACKKKKKK - three times now I have foolishly LOST my comment. Harumph.

    Let me try again....

    Hey Lyn - love that video. What a wonderful town to live in. Thanks for sharing it with us.

    I'm popping over as part of the GYB Volunteer Team to say, "Welcome to the Party!"

    I'm having a blast strolling through all these worlds... so many fascinating worlds to poke about in. So many treasures to discover.

    I especially loved the tree in the ring and finding the moon phases in your sidebar. I've been wanting to add that to my own blog and haven't managed it yet.

    I'm a writer by trade but I also have an urge to ... craft. I used to make jewellery and still have a stash of beads. Might be time to pull them out and get creating again.

    Have a great time at the party.

    go easy ~pam

  9. I am so happy to have met you-I loved your post allot and want to come back again to see what you are up to. I do lots of crafts too-so if I should win-anything-I am getting ready to do a wool crazy patch purse and am going to embellish with undersea embroidery beads and buttons-so anything like that, I have me mermaid, seahorse, and dragonfly already. I also love wool and silk threads-I am easy to please-lol
    I am off to put your blog into my bloglovin reader

  10. Hi Lyn! What a wonderful video. I notice that a dog had a cameo appearance but didn't see a single cat! I would have words with the City Council! I love all the little treasures you've made. As for what I like well there's patchwork quilting, beading and embroidery. If I were to win I would be happy with any of those!
    Hope you'll drop by for a visit at my blog too! Thanks for the chance to win!
    Karen H

  11. oh, to have your imagination! Love the Medusa. I am starting to quilt and have never tried a scrap quilt yet. Always something new to try

  12. Your job sounds so interesting! Thanks for the great post! I am most interested in fabrics of all sorts. Best, Angela

  13. I haven't seen the video yet but I know exactly where you live as I was born there although I moved away many years ago. I can't wait to see what all of the extra funding will do for the old place. You are so multi talented and i would love to see all of your stash. I particularly like quilting and cross stitch. Thanks for a fun giveaway too.

  14. Great fun to re-visit some of your work (and I think there's a couple of things here that I don't remember seeing). Didn't manage to remember to put my name down for the blog tour, but I'm planning on doing some visiting around anyway.

  15. Nice to meet you hope you enjoyed the blog party.

  16. What a fun and interesting post! I do like what you do. I love to do applique - what can I say. Wish I had more time for it. This is a fun party - I plan to be back. I'm following you now.

  17. the medusa doll is great! I am passionate about crazy quilting...

  18. I knew it was Medusa! *smile* I'm currently working on a scrappy quilt, fabric would be grand.

  19. This one is a very long walk (almost 600 blogs) and I love fabric, thread and quilting.

  20. Hello,

    Nice to meet you.:)
    I would like to participate in your giveaway.



    My hobbies are cross stitch and crochet ,oh yes and sewing.

  21. Love the visit, I will be back. Have a great week. Blessings, Martha

  22. I love the TREE! it is beautiful. I only embroider, but would love a British craft magazine if I win. LOL

    Thanks for visiting my redwork/ embroidery blog yesterday! I have my follow button working...

  23. I like your Medusa; she made me smile. I am a quilter so fabric for me should I be lucky enough to win.

  24. Wow! I love your creative treasures - quite a talent you've got!
    I like all those things, but I haven't many beads right now, so I'd go for that, lol. I love the idea of such an open ended prize! Cheers and have a great party!

  25. Thank you so much for your lovely comment on my blog - it led me to your lovely blog, which is awesome! You have THE best job in the world EVER and your creations are gorgeous. It must be the most wonderfully rewarding thing in the world to be able to use your talents and skills for such a worthwhile cause. I've joined your blog and will be back to read more and see what amazing things you make this year - best wishes from Shroo:)x

  26. Thank you for visiting Plum Hollow yesterday! I'm a follower now.

    What talent you have! I love it! I'd love to join in on your giveaway too. I spin fiber, crochet, knit and many other crafts. These three are my main consumers of time. I love to sew as well. I've been thinking of making a pillow cover with some scraps of fabric.

    Have a blessed weekend!

  27. thanks for visiting my blog Lynn! Loving reading your blog. As you know I'm a lampworker so I love beads. I'm originally from West Yorkshire, so not so far from you, but now in Essex teaching the Southerners how to talk LOL!!!!

  28. I found your blog via GYB and the lovely comment you left on mine. Your work is amazing. My passions are fabric and buttons (you can never have too much of either!).

  29. Hi, I'm Linda from and I found your site from the Grow Your Blog event.

    I'd love to be entered into your give away. I can be reached at my site or at craftygardener at xplornet dot com I'm a knitter and crocheter so love yarn and if I were to win I'd love a copy of one of the British crafting magazines. I'm originally from England and moved to Canada many years ago.

    Hope you have time to visit my site and enter my give away. It has been nice browsing through your blog.

    PS - thanks for changing your comment settings so those of us without a Google account can comment.

  30. Hi, I'm visiting from the GYB hop. Love your creativity! I enjoy quilting and wool appliqué. Thanks for the fun give away!

  31. Hello Lyn. It's lovely to meet you. It has been great getting to meet so many people all over the world. Thank you for visiting my blog too. There are so many talented people out there in blog land!

  32. You are a very talented individual and produce some beautiful art! I enjoyed looking through you site. A UK craft magazine would be awesome. Thanks for offering a giveaway. Have a great week.

  33. Nice to meet you from across the pond! I wish I was creative enough to look non-traditional things & decide 'that would make a good XYZ'. Now following you to see what other creations you come up with! Since you know what you have, and you know whats cool, if I won I'd say surprise me - but I do love pink :)

  34. Lyn, it's nice meeting you! You are a fabulous artist! I am a new follower and will enjoy reading about and seeing your latest creations! A scrap bag of fabric would be fantastic should I win the drawing! Thanks for offering the giveaway. Also thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such lovely comments!

  35. Lyn, it's so nice to meet you! I tried posting a comment but got a message that blogger had an issue. You may get 2 comments from me. You are a fabulous artist! I'm a new follower and look forward to reading about and seeing your latest creations! Thank you so much for visiting my blog and leaving such sweet comments!

  36. Hi Lyn,

    What a great post ! You make me laugh !! I love the short film, You live in a great city. I am a follower now. Original give-away! Love to use fabric and beads in my crafts. Thank you very much for your visit and sweet comment.

    Wilma, Shabby Royale.

  37. Hi Lyn,

    You were next on the list for us to visit--thanks for coming to our blog! You are an amazing artist and to do it for visually impaired children is even more wonderful!

    If you are ever looking for something that you can't find in Hull (yes watched the video--lovely city) please let us know. We are shoppers extraordinaire; sometimes it takes us a while, but we find it eventually.

    Oh yeah, giveaway. We love beads and buttons a lot!


    Kathy and Deb

  38. I am interested in felting, even though I've never done it! Seeing all you talented people on these blogs gives me the fire inside to try it out.

  39. I guessed right! I knit, I patchwork and I embroider.

  40. Greetings from St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada. I enjoy surface embellishment on fabric so wool roving, yarns, anything glitzy, works.

  41. I love seeing your creations. They are inspiring. I don't know exactly what it is but they make me want to go make something of my own! I sew mostly kids clothes and quilts. Hope you get a chance to hop by http:\\

  42. I so enjoy meeting you through the GYB part and I have a feeling I'll be back often to visit. Your work is amazing!! I love the fabric work you do. I'm a little like you - I do a little of everything, well... almost everything. I mostly knit and paint, but I also sew little projects, I crochet, love to cook and eat. You get the idea... xoxo Silke

  43. Hello Lyn from the NSW Central Coast (Australia that is). Just wandering through the GYB party. What amazing stuff you do craftwise. The little Medusa is so cute! How awesome to be paid to craft!

  44. So nice to meet you at the GYB party! Your work is most interesting. Wonder what you would create for me? ~Terri

  45. oh yes, it certainly is a long walk round all the blogs, I'm still not finished! Your job sounds brilliant, I want it! What do I like? sewing, embroidery, felting, crochet, quilting, beadweaving, making jewellery... the question should be what DON'T I like (and the answer to that is knitting!)

  46. Such an inspiring blog. Thank you, I had a great time visiting and getting the chance to meet you and learn a little about your family. I has been so much fun!

  47. Oops forgot to leave a comment ! Love your blog and really like felting

  48. I enjoyed reading your GYB post. I love to do anything mainly with paper and fabric. So nice to meet you!

  49. Wow I love my visit. Didn't realize that there is so much going on in cyber world. Forgive me for coming to the party at the last minute, But 600 blog reading was a little tasking. I wanted to read and get to know the girls so I did read everyone's bio. Your my 572 blog and 24 hours left to go. If you like come visit My site contact info is I believe inspiration comes from all facets of life even knowing the great people out there with wisdom and knowledge the do's and don'ts and even the wonders of life from a personal point of view. I liked you following you on goggle connect and Bloglovin you. hope to see you in the cyber neighborhood I am new to blogging so I don't have a lot posted because I got side tract with GYB party. Kind of felt it was important to have some one read my silly chatter. I can't remember a time I didn't dabble in something creative. I tried a little of everything. But, my new love these days is Card making I just love it.
    Oh thanks for letting me enter your give away.

  50. Hi Lyn! Thanks for stopping by the blog earlier -I'm so glad you did! I just love your beautiful creations and the Embroidery Club show was spectacular. I'm a Woolie lover myself and would be thrilled to win anything from your wonderful giveaway! Be sure to post on mine as well. Ps... Your grandson is adorable... And yes, life does get complicated... We can relate. Take care now, Karen

  51. Hi Lyn! Thanks for stopping by my blog and your kind comment. It leads me to visit your lovely blog. I still have many blogs to visit...than you:)