Saturday, 8 March 2014

More hearing aide danglies ~ March Hexi BOM

More hearing aide dangly decorations  ........... now I wait to see whether they encourage the child to wear her hearing aides and if so, I suspect I will be making more for some of the other little girls too.

I also made a fairly simple but pretty fabric covered box for the lass to keep them in, but the Peri teacher picked it up before I could take a picture and she was so eager to take them to the child she chased off with them all lol

Its as cheap to pick up necklaces at charity shops as buying new beads for this kind of thing, they frequently provide beads and links too and broken jewellery is even cheaper of course - recycling at it's best lol

I'm ahead of myself with the March Hexi BOM above, a shamrock but infact an even luckier, four leafed clover! Mind you I'm still stitching the January snowflake on a backing fabric so I'm only ahead in my minds eye!

Sadly the greens haven't shown up so well here, so I will take another pic in the daylight, perhaps in the sunshine that's forecast for over the weekend!
Fingers crossed - bring on the sun!


  1. i can imagine the beautiful of my favorite colors. can't wait to hear how the child reacts to all those cute little danglies.

  2. your hearing aid pieces are just so clever-I am sewing up another hexie coaster tonight

  3. You are so sweet to make the hearing aid accessories! Hopefully it will encourage her to wear them! The hexi shamrock is just in time for the holiday.

  4. The hearing aid jewelry is such a brilliant idea. I hope it encourages the little girl to wear the hearing aids.

  5. Who knew a shamrock could be created out of hexxies? That's cool!



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