Friday, 21 March 2014

Solar powered garden 'pal'......?

I simply had to take a picture of this, which is currently for sale in the B&M stores priced at £4.99.
At that price I'm sure this is not going to necessarily be of er,
 superior quality lol

Now at first glance its quite, shall we say, arresting ............
but can you imagine what the hell it will look like,
sat at the far end of your garden at night, when the solar lights light up and those huge glass eyes stare in your direction?!


  1. Too funny! I can't imagine how odd it would look in the garden in the evening!

  2. It would be even more 'fun' if you could pick it up and walk around in the dark - would definitely freak out anybody who saw it! Sidling up to someone's house in the dark and then holding it up to the window...can you imagine the reaction?!!



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