Saturday, 8 March 2014

GYB Wins and some links worth a look at : )

I've been lucky enough to win a couple of items on the recent GYB 2014 Blog tour and they both arrived yesterday in the same post,
different envelopes of course though lol

Beth kindly sent me 4 yummy fat quarters in the most smashing colours : ) 

Lovely Shirlee of   sent me this really delightful, beautifully made little nostalgic hanging too, how lucky am I!

For those of you stitching hexis now or who are planning to,
or likely to lol please take a look at the stitching advice here, its something I hadn't considered but then there's so much else on there you will enjoy too!

And then do yourself a favour and read this touching post too please,
There is not only the most beautifully stitched little babies dresses but just read why they have been made and for whom ........


  1. Congratulations on your winnings! Thank you for posting the link to Deb's project - isn't she amazing? One of God's angels here on earth, for sure.

  2. beautiful gifts! I love mail like that-enjoy

  3. Lynn you swapped the attributions. Beth sent the fat quarters and I sent the feathered lady collage. You are "lucky" to win!!

  4. That was a lovely post, and what a beautiful gift one of those gowns will make for someone.
    Lovely gifts you received too. I was also fortunate enough to win two items. What a great event!

  5. What gorgeous gifts you received - it's always so nice when something plops through the letterbox addressed to you (unless it's a bill of course!). Anyway, thanks for the very useful advice on my blog - I have done as you suggested re. Workbox mag. If they take my piece, you will be getting another well deserved free gift ... from me! xCathy