Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Lookee what I got!!!

Isn't this below smashing? 
Is it my work? 
Ah - no - if only!!
But it is mine, since I was lucky enough to win it in a draw on
Jackie Bowcutts blog Stitchworks.blogspot.com.....lucky, lucky me!

Jackie has self published a 'Blurb' book, with illustrations highlighting the variety of her work and this piece of work is in fact featured on the back cover!
If you nip over to Jackie's blog, (which is really great to follow anyway, since her work is fascinating in so many ways) ........... there's  a link on there to look at her book .......... 
link should be this below if I've copied it correctly ...
You can preview her book there on Blurb too.
I had no idea that Blurb existed ....... what a great idea to enable folks to self publish!


Now I need to decide how to display this, since its too good to leave unframed or unused ........ it could make a wonderful central feature on maybe a cushion or a book cover I suppose too.
I will have to think on what will suit it best.

I'm still wading thru the de-cluttering and changing the bedroom/workroom round.
It's a common theme I notice on blogs lol its that time of the year!

I have moved the double bed out of my back bedroom into the middle bedroom ............. my back is proof I should have had help, yup it's still aching!
That back bedroom is now the sewing room ..................... yeah!
Who new I had so much fabric!

Not everything would fit in there, so I separated out all the knitty stuff and it's now stashed in my own much larger bedroom, tucked into a corner and far easier to get at.

The middle bedroom has large solid built in shelves and they house boxes of felted woollies so I have hung simple plain nets across them, so they are more pleasing to the eye ............ ie. boxes hidden from view lol

Must take some pics whilst they look reasonably tidy!

I'm stalled in the rooms make over though at the moment.
But that's because I'm wading thru heaps of old magazines and photo copied info sheets, that needs to be either stored in poly folio pages or recycled.
I've got 2 huge bags of bits to drop at our local college textile department in the hope they can make use of them. 

Plus having found my hexi cover WIP at last ................. which was hiding from me for a while ....... I'm back to stitching more hexis together bit by bit.
Okay I'd best get back to the magazines!
Take care all ~


  1. You got something that's definitely worth a 'lookee' (sorry, I couldn't resist the obvious). Still working on my own shovel-out, but at least I now have most of my yarn stash in a cupboard that was recently filled with magazines. Of course - what did I do on the weekend but buy more yarn and it won't fit in the cupboard. Bad, bad MA!!

  2. lucky you is right. i sympathize with your remodeling and the aching back. it's hard to do it by yourself. you're really sticking with it though and that's admirable. i get disgusted and just give up.

  3. So pleased that you are pleased,and thanks for the write up.
    Someone asked me to add follow by email but I have no idea how to do that. Need to research. I imagine you still knee deep in a pile of magazines.

  4. Great win, great book and great link. Like you, I'd never heard of Blurb before, now you've got me thinking.. book...mmm.
    We all seem to be in nest re-arranging mode at the moment, it must be hard wired into our brains, part of womanly duties like housework and ironing. Fight it!