Saturday, 13 April 2013

Invisible Machine Applique with Dawn Cameron-Dick

It was our club meeting today and we had a really wonderful talk from Dawn Cameron-Dick and if any of you folks are looking for a speaker to make you chuckle, belly laugh and also shed a tear ...........
she's your gal. Sign her up !
Hers was one of the most enjoyable talks we have had in ages.

We struck gold because she's sticking around to run a workshop for us tomorrow, Sunday, and yes, I've signed up for it.
She will be teaching us to IMA, ( invisible machine applique) on a wedding ring piecing, so pop back later to see what a hash I manage to make of it!
Dawn can be found on

She has a couple of books you can buy and a natty little pocket book choc full of information worth keeping to hand.

Here's a taster of the delightful pieces she brought with her.
Her quilts are used and have stories associated with them, they are not art quilts, they are a part of her families history in many different ways.

A Lone Star with additional IMA flowers, thought they complimented the design so well.

I thought these chooks made with vegetable fabric were such fun, each one slightly different and all with flappy wings.

Happy members with hands on appreciation after the talk...

I love what Dawn did in the above quilt, which has a touching story behind its creation. The butterflies are infact beautiful handkerchiefs, how clever is that!

Its that clever IMA again ....... utterly beautiful stitching!

And this duo below is my favourite, in 2 colour ways as you can see. 
Its a triangular log cabin with 3 triangular clocks pieced together 
to form a square.

We had a display of club members patchwork on the stage, so much was brought in that some of them were pinned up on the stage curtains.
Mine included lol and as you can see, I'm not getting far, fast!
Mind you, as a design wall the curtains do very well!

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  1. can't wait to see what you do in the workshop. i, too, love what she did with the hankies. it gave me an idea.