Monday, 29 April 2013

Erica Wilson and links to take a peek at

One of the other things I picked up recently at a charity shop was a 1978 paperback book :

Erica on Embroidery - Highlights from the television series

I had never seen the 1973 programme myself and having found some video clips of her on You Tube, I don't recognize her at all and since she has a definate style, I'm sure I would have remembered seeing her.
She's almost quintesentially posh British !


This link may ring a bell or two in your memory and one thing on this particular clip that I thought was really clever, was using voile net to transfer the owl pattern, check it out.
(Erica Wilson stitches an owl ) 

I stumbled on this talented lady Divan Niekerkwho has embroidered the Flower Fairies, which you can view here. 
They look delightful and you too may not have seen them.

And another find in one of the charity shop Embroidery magazines I picked up this past week, was a brief little mention about 
Maria Saunderson, who has also illustrated children's books with her embroidered pictures. 

In fact these two books are her own stories both of which look interesting.

If like me, any of you stitchers out there remember the Beatles from your youth with fondness, 
then one of her books has it all for us!

(Yes, these are both on order as I type here ........... lol)

This below book explains how 2 of Liverpool's ferries the Royal Daffodil and Royal Iris became to be 'Royal'and no it wasn't as a result of Dunkirk but it was to do with a WW1 battle.

The Brave Little Ferryboats

and get this one!! Check out the piccies !

Once Upon A Liverpool

I know ....... there's little hope for me your so right ...


  1. Erica Wilson was very popular when i was growing up and doing all kinds of embroidery. i used to have her books but don't anymore. the ribbon embroidery in that fairies video is wonderful. i learned my ribbon embroidery from books by Judith Baker Montano. she has a new one out called 'free form embroidery' that is on my wish list.

  2. That voile idea is genius! I will definitely make a mental note of that one because I'm forever trying to think up ways to transfer my designs. And thanks for the introduction to Erica Wilson. I'm going to go back soon and watch more! :)

  3. I have Erica Wilson's Christmas World book, stuffed full of original ideas.....including pom pom animals and birds (the owl is lovely),a quilted nativity and Beatrice Potter things, not to mention the needlepoint 3D tree top angel....I wish I had the patience....

  4. I had a couple of Erica Wilson's books at one time - and I know I can get them at our local library. It's fun to take them out and look through them every once in awhile. I kind of suspect that crewel work is going to be the next 'in' thing, and if that's the case Erica's books will be in demand. You're on the cutting edge my friend!!



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