Thursday, 18 April 2013

More Ebay mail and embroidered illustrations -

This is delightfully illustrated, look closely!
I am completely hooked on this kind of children's book illustration and I seem to have acquired another hobby ........... that of collecting books with them in! 

and another DK book - who knew! DK!

and then this fun one

loving that octopus lol


  1. I bought the Starlight Princess for my daughter years ago. I must go and hunt it out :)

  2. So...when are you going to do one of your own? :)

  3. These are charming books - must keep my eye open to see if I can find any on my next thrifting foray.

  4. Have just been browsing your blog. It's great. Love your work.

    Also love your new hobby collecting embroidered childrens books. How lovely. Not yet come across any but if ever do i will send them on to you so they can be treasured.

    (Thank you for visiting my blog :o) congratualtions on your new grand daughter a little beauty!

    Lorna May
    Dab and a dash.



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