Wednesday, 17 April 2013

I guess its here! Spring that is ....

The flowering cherry trees are pink and fluffy looking and the daffodils have opened But are bouncing around in very high winds lol.......... 
But can this really be spring or another false start? 
Lets not get too excited yet - I don't trust the weather any more!

Having said that,even if it is spring, this is what I was making at work lol

A tactile activity board at the top with brailled poetry sheets and a 5 little snowmen glove ........ like I said, I don't trust the weather, so we may be needing these before next winter ..

I picked up an Embroidery Magazine in a charity shop the other day and blow me - the March 2003 issue had an article on embroidered childrens book illustrations!
I was happy dancing round the kitchen having become so fascinated with them since it provided me with more names to find out about!
So with named authors/illustrators to hand I hit Ebay lol

I am now on a search for Clare Beaton books with embroidered illustrations - yes, of course they're for me !

I got these in the post today  'How Big is a Pig?'. I just adore it!

Above are clean and dirty geese , great or what?
There are many other delightful pictures in this book, its a joyful story too.

I also sent for 'Silent Night' by Belinda Downes, which is a series of carols with music and an embroidered illustration page for each one.
Joy to the World below

O Little town of Bethlehem below 

and Silent Night below

Belinda Downes also wrote and embroidered
Every Little Angel's Handbook

yes, I bought that too lol

I'm on the hunt for several other books now. 
I just love that embroidery has been used for illustrative purposes, so much fun!
See how easily I am pleased!


  1. You are amazingly creative and a wonderful artist/teacher! I have
    to bow to your talent and wonderful goals. You're a peach, wish my
    children could have you in their life.

  2. i just love that white glove with the snowmen finger puppets. i completely understand being easily pleased. it was 90 degrees F yesterday, 75 today and tomorrow morning predicted to be 40...back to winter for a day or so. the weather is very unpredictable.

  3. Love the snowmen...and wow...what super books!

  4. our cherry trees are not doing much....wonder if they have gone the same way as the trees across the road....and will get chopped down. Love the books...

  5. We're getting snowflurries today. WHERE is our spring?? It will probably skip right over it and go straight to hot and miserable. You're getting quite a collection of books - have you seen the ones by Sally Melville (at least I think that's her name). Must google to be sure I'm right.



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