Sunday, 14 April 2013

Dawn Cameron-Dick workshop and my 9 double wedding ring sampler !

Eagle eyed amongst you will notice that my 9 double wedding ring
sampler above, which was the project for todays workshop,
isn't at all what it set out to be!
It's going to be a 3 ring hanging, with some additional hand stitching I think too.
( though you know I've mentioned that I can't stick to a pattern right?)
BUT please note its not laying flat, so thats why the top ring looks skew whiff. It's undulating not cut wrong and the rings are all the same size!
I have them glued in position here but not yet blind hemmed.
I'd known I wanted to play around with the stripey fabric and skew the stripes, but in truth, I left another fabric at home so hadn't enough with me to cut all 9 rings from what I had intended.
So I ran with a new idea.

Dawn was superb in the todays workshop.
She was informative, helpful, humorous and keen to enable us all to enjoy our sewing machines and the stitching of her much easier version, of the traditional patchwork design.
My divergence from her excellant pattern instructions, proves how indisciplined I am lol

I learnt a great deal during the day, not least how to faff about confidently with the tension, width and length dials of my sewing machine!
So many of us are timid at changing our machines settings and today, Dawn exuded an infectious confidence, despite us all having different sewing machines.

Mind you now that my Janome is so well set up to invisibly blind hem stitch, it may well remain that way for ever!
I will continue to use the Lidl £69 bargain machine with a double needle and my Brother for all else! lol
Here are some of the other club members colour selections, I find it's interesting to see how one pattern translates into different colour choices.

This above is one of Dawns and she uses it to show how to weave the rings into position.
I didn't take note of who was making the others though.



  1. i started a miniature double wedding ring piece some years ago but didn't get too far. this raw edge with a blind stitch looks like it would be so much easier. love seeing them all lined up before stitching. i never follow through on patterns either.

    1. So you finally get that wedding ring or still strugling?

  2. It's great to see all those different versions of Wedding Rings. I like the way you used stripes in yours

  3. Very cool, I bet it was a fun workshop all right. I really like the use of stripes, too. You have three sewing machines, Lyn? Hey, I think you're on to something there! xx

  4. lol Well now its worth saying Ive only got 3 machines, because I wanted one that I could drop the feed dogs on, so bought a second for that reason.

    Then Lidl which is a food store that sells odds and ends as well, had a £69 machine for sale that had more fancy stitches than either my Janome or Brother! Its actually a pretty good machine amazingly! I bought that one to use with a double needle ............but thats it, no more! lol

    : )