Monday, 29 April 2013

that British Sewing Bee...... and what I made this wknd..

Nip over and see this post showing the opening of the new haberdashery shop that Lauren from the British Sewing Bee tv program and her hubby have opened ........ its a very impressive looking shop and looks as if it may be a runaway success for them.

My grandson tells me his bum gets cold when he sits in his pajamas to eat his breakfast, on his red chair ........... 
well we can't have that can we 

so he now has a bum warmer cushion 

I fancied doing a little crochet and am using some of the garter stitch baby blanket cotton yarns that were left over ........ it may front a cushion, maybe ..

and did you notice the Embroidery magazines in the pictures?

I found a stash of back copies in a charity shop that Jean originally put me onto and I bought almost all of those after 2000 ........... well okay and one or two from the 90's too.
Many will head over in time to Canada for Mary Anne but am thrilled because several of the mags have articles, on even more embroidered illustrations for children's books! 
Who knew!
Did you know for example that Penguin published 3 of the classics  with commissioned embroidery covers?
I certainly didn't and although I have watched the films ........... I have never read the books, well, that's my excuse for if I buy them!

Emma - The Secret Garden - Black Beauty

In the august 2010 Embroidery magazine there was an interesting article about Rachel Griffin who embroidered on fabric and paper to provide the illustrations for 'The Fabrics of Fairytale' book that I'd picked up a while ago.
She had formerly illustrated an Oxfam calender and also 'African Tales' which is worth a look at too.

Having a grandchild is a great excuse for buying yourself embroidery illustrated, children's books and that's going to be my excuse here on in ....... lol 


  1. oh so happy you posted about Lauren's new haberdashery. i so enjoyed those sewing bee shows through you tube. hope there will be more of them. she is so sweet and looks so happy in her shop. i have no excuses for the things i buy but i buy them anyway. keep having fun.

  2. Grandsons positively can't have cold bums at breakfast. Yours is lucky to have a grand-mom like you to realize that and fill the void!! Oh - and I'm excited to know that share-zies are in order with those magazines...mailman stalking will have to take place again.



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