Friday, 29 March 2013

A trip out with 1 and a half grandchildren ~

I did a bit more knitting, another head hugger and matching pin, which can be worn on the head hugger or lapel.

Aren't these little guys wonderful! 
Endangered sadly....
poison dart frogs, like this sapphire-blue species, are highly toxic. 
The brilliant colour serves as a warning to predators to keep away.

My daughter has 4 weeks to go before Baby Birth Day and here she is with her nephew at The Deep in Hull. 

If you click on this little chap below, you should be able to just see his face. These worms are a hoot to watch, rising up and going back down and menacing any neighbor who they think is too close to them.
They were fiercely territorial and pulled the most bizarre faces as they threatened others nearby. 
Can't recall the name of them, but such fiesty little characters all!

Today Good Friday has been a bright, fresh day 
...... and where was I? 
Duhhhh .... indoors!

The urge finally came upon me to change over bedrooms, to shift my workroom from the middle bedroom, to the back bedroom and to set up the spare bed in the middle bedroom ( again lol).
On a bright day when I should have been out catching the suns blessings on my face ....
I'm daft enough to be indoors shifting furniture about - what a very
<<<< silly woman

and now .. with serious back ache ( that double mattress was the last straw) I now have 2 bedrooms all upside down and a double bed in pieces on the split landings upstairs.
This is going to be a full long weekend job but in fairness, it needed doing.

 However .......... this sorting out and moving stash about has proved to me one basic truth .........

I should never, ever, buy any more fabric, yarns and threads, ever again!

I have enough, too much lets face it...........and its not all going to fit in the back ( smaller bedroom) and then there's the smallish overflow, that's beside my chair here ............ and in bags in the dining room.

So this weekend I'm going to be magically, fitting a lot into a little area.....  maybe even identifying what I can actually, really, truly, live without ~
and all that, when I'm not a member of the Magic Circle!
Maybe ... 

So far a pasta machine and what's left of my poly clay is in a box for the 'charity shop' but that's all - lol 


  1. those blue frogs are amazing. i had a hard time focusing in on unusual. so exciting to have a new baby on the way. i'm not moving any furniture on my own anymore...too risky. not interested in going back to the physical therapist.

  2. Brave lady, one of the worst jobs in the world, letting go. The longer you've had it the more difficult it becomes. Happy Easter, don't work too hard and are you sure about that pasta machine? :-)

  3. I've been trying to organize myself to do a stash yarn giveaway, but I am afraid to start opening stash boxes...fearing a total reorganization will commence. (Commencing is fine, but will it finish?? That's the key question!)

  4. good luck with your stash clear is planned here too but you know when you just know something won't happen! Hope all goes well with the exciting!!

  5. Those worms are SOOOOOO wriggly and creepy (I'm not a fan of wriggly and creepy)! Love the purple frogs though! So pretty!

  6. Love the 1 1/2 grandchildren. Looks like you had an entertaining visit.

    Watch your back! Get someone to help with moving beds and mattresses!

  7. Ha! I had to laugh at those wormy things! How like people in some way.
    De-stashing here as well. But no furniture shifting as yet. xo

  8. Lyn, was wondering about that baby! Soon, Nana, soon. Nothing like rearranging a house to refresh and realign the energy. It will be wonderful, you just know it. xx

  9. Those frogs are the most incredible colour! Waiting anxiously for a baby announcement (and hopefully some pictures?).



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