Sunday, 10 March 2013

GPO phone box and a childs imagination at its best....

Altogether now......

Ahhhhhhhh........the nostalgia of the old GPO telephone box.......outdated now we have mobile phones but here was one seemingly still in use!! We drove through Lissett to Burton Agnes last weekend and passed this phone box in the back lanes.

In Hull we have an independant telephone exchange Kingston Communications and they have always had cream painted telephone boxes so youd recognise that they were different. 
They also have a strangle hold on the phone cables in Hull, so we do not have a choice of possibly cheaper alternatives like Sky or TalkTalk or BT! grrrr

My grandson last week stayed over and decided he needed an island to go with his sea and fishing had me looking for fabrics to use for his sand and additional sea ( the silk scarf bit).
His idea not mine.
The pouffe was his island he decided and then told me to get sticky tape and 'leafs' and scissors and make him some trees.........
I love his very bones!!

Breakfast next morning and before the school run... 
Cheerios and jam on toast lol


  1. How wonderful that children can still enjoy imaginative play like this without a battery or screen in sight. He is a lucky boy to have such a creative grandma. I enjoyed three hours of drawing with my six-year old grandson on Saturday afternoon it was just lovely.

  2. i found a bank in a thrift store a couple of years ago that is a replica of your old GPO telephone box. it sits on my counter and holds loose change. i love it.

  3. Just popped over to say Hi and thank you for your comment on my latest blog post on spinning! I know, pat your head and rub your stomach... someone had a warped sense of humor there! :D You put a smile on my face for sure! The spindle is just a way for me to start spinning before my wheel arrives, hopefully by late summer. Typical me, impatient once I make up my mind to do something, lol! I love seeing those red phone boxes... I think it is sad for some things to change and become obsolete! We need to hold onto some of our cultural identity while the world runs fast paced ahead determined to change! *sigh*
    Hmmm, I thought I was already following your blog but when I checked I wasn't... all fixed now, I'm your newest follower!
    Hugs and look forward to chatting again soon,
    Beth P

  4. What a cutie, enjoying his toast! How nice that he has a Grandmother who will help with his creative endeavors :)

  5. Our grandchildren keep us young for sure! Thanks so much for visiting my blog! E