Sunday, 10 March 2013

Beaded beauties - Eliza McClelland - part 1

Our embroidery group meeting yesterday was full of inspiration with our third visit from Eliza McClelland who is an actress who beads.......she gives a full value talk, so if she's talking any where near you........get a ticket!

Eliza can be found at Ally Pally where she has a stall and she has also been to the Harrogate K&S show at the Conference Centre in November.
Eliza sells kits of some of her trademark insects and pansies and has a book too if your looking for a beady book to buy..

I took lots of so FEAST your eyes folks....
Think this was my favourite,  a cushion, but it can't be comfy to lean against surely, though this richly decorated, who'd care! 
It's simply wonderful!

I love the edgings..........

Eliza's trademark ladybirds above in a long narrow cushion..with just the one blue bug - made for her daughter.
My next favourite was an old cushion she picked up in a charity shop, the fabrics pattern all faded. Here's the backside of it..
so Eliza enlivened it with beads, so pretty.

Yummy or what?
This jewellery roll has tent stitch tapestry and beads in the design of the Queens crown and it is richly scrumptious with two long tassels of mink tails.

This below is the front and back of a vintage piece of tambour work, a collar that hung so delicately but if you've tried it, you'll know tambour work can be tricky to accomplish lol
This is exquisite mind you..

I liked this idea to jazz up a pair of gloves too.


  1. wonderful images. thanks for that. i have several beading books and did some beading years ago. i have a couple of books that combine beading with crochet that i hope to get to someday soon.

  2. I can only imagine seeing the beading in person! Lucky you. I love the cushion too.



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