Sunday, 24 February 2013

Knitting, 50p bargain and an icon

The babies garter stitch blanket grows steadily,
about an inch every other day. 
I am taking it slowly to avoid my fingers ceasing up but I've got until the end of April before baby is due so no rush yet lol

I took a speedy stroll round the car boot this morning, to buy fresh free range eggs from a regular source there ........... 
and it was bitterly cold so I didn't dawdle!
But passing a stall with a variety of junk spread out ......... I caught sight of this little bag on the 50p end of the stall.

I couldn't resist it for 50p .......... all the pierced natural stones, tumbled glass pieces and beads and the clasp lid with the silvery metal frame too.

Shame I'm not a posh frock and fancy bag woman.............!!

I finally got round to framing up and hanging my Sonya Cowan icon 
at last too ........ 

Sonya doesn't have a website, such a shame because I'm sure many of you would be interested in seeing more of her work.


  1. I would have gone for that bag, too...not because I have anywhere to "wear" it, but just because it is so magical-looking :)

  2. wonderful progress on your blanket. such pretty, soft colors.

  3. I love your little beaded bag, just enjoy patting it, no need to posh frock it out on the town. glad to see the progress on the baby's blankie.

  4. The blanket's looking good. I love the icon is the image painted? That's a nice little stash of beads for 50p.

  5. I love your icon, and the bag is so beautiful. It looks like you are making great progress with the blanket too!

    Pomona x

  6. Lyn, her blanket looks great, you've gotten a lot done -- it's taken me a month or more to knit 13" of a scarf, just for comparison's sake. ;) The beaded bag is a real find -- I think I see quartz and carnelian and turquoise and ? And I have to say, I like the way you framed the beautiful icon -- gallery worthy. xo

  7. The blanket is growing. That feels good I bet and plus, you have plenty of time. Very good time management Liniecat. :)

  8. I think that bag would be a nice place to keep little notes to yourself. That Icon is