Sunday, 17 February 2013

Knit Pros and the Walking Dead

A brief but heart felt thank you for your comments about the Knit Pro needles.
Had I been less impatient, I would have noticed the little curly wurly wire in the packet,
and had I been even more switched on ....................... ha!

I should have noticed the diagram on the back of said packet,
 showing you how to insert said curly wurly gadget in the screw in ends, when attaching the needle ends! duhhh

Proof that I'm a dummy on occasions lol 
So again, thanks to those of you who are switched on!!

Now, the needles are working fine and the baby's blanket is coming on much quicker.
In fact I really like using them........who'd have thought

Now ............ a small rant!

Why oh why do the damned tv companies start showing a series on the normal Freeview tv channels ..... like 24, Dexter and The Walking Dead ....... then when they've got you hooked ............. switch them to the Sky channels?

I don't have Sky, cant afford it and so have missed out on following progs that I quite enjoyed! I had been looking forward to seeing the next story line of The walking Dead, but this time round its on a channel I'd never even heard of before..........FOX !

And no I don't know anyone who can record them for me either....... so frustrating! Rant over lol  

Hope all is well with you folks, snows subsided at the very least and life sweet for you.
We had a bright sunny day here today and it was a great mood lightener to see a bright sky and feel the ( all be it slight) warmth of the sun on your face. 
I've noticed the buds on the clematis and much larger ones now on the buddlea in my garden and my faithful single snowdrop plant has its 3 annual flowers on it. 
It seems to be the only snowdrop plant out of many planted, that has survived year after year but it's not doubling up at all, which is a shame.
Even so it brings such pleasure with its flowering.
Roll on Spring!

: )


  1. Glad you got some assistance on the needles! I've never had interchange-type needles, but now if I ever buy a set I will be sure to save the packaging instead of throwing it away instantly, probably along with necessary curly wires ;)

  2. glad you figured out the needle problem. my cable company just offered me the Showtime channels for free for 3 months. i'm watching the Homeland series and it's easy to get hooked. however, i do not plan on subscribing after the 3 months. they count on you getting hooked so you'll subscribe.we have Fox here. the spring bulbs are showing their heads here as well. spring is on its way.

  3. My kids are hooked on the Walking Dead but I can't bring myself to watch it. I tried to because it is filmed just a few miles from my house and I know an extra who is a Zombie, but it's just too gruesome for my tastes! Hope they make it available to you again!

  4. Amazing how a bit of sun can lift your spirits, drove to the show at Cottenham today, felt more like April than Feb. Equally amazing how much money you can spend when you don't really need anything.

  5. I am so with you about Sky. We cancelled our contract with them a few years ago. One, to stop our kids from having so much choice of rubbish to watch, and two, because we were paying more for our limited service, unable to take advantage of their offers because our exchange is a rural one, and is unable to cope. Didn't seem fair to me to have to pay more for less. My kids still watch rubbish though, just do it on their computers now!

  6. I'm behind (again) and so I'll just jump in with my comments on this post. Glad you figured out the problem with the needles - if it makes you feel any better, I did the same thing with a set I have. I feel for you about the tv shows - my rant is generally over just how much time is devoted to commercials as opposed to actual show time. Drives me crazy (or should I say crazier than usual?!!).

  7. Happy to hear you made the needles work, lol. Love your feltwork by the way, I saw a GORGEOUS tree a couple of posts back.

    hugs and happy (sunny!) day,

  8. So pleased you now like your needles, life can proceed smoothly again.

  9. Great to hear that you've figured the needle issue out, and that you're actually enjoying them.

    And might I say that I'm totally jealous that you have buds on anything. It's still white and snowy and cold over here. Nary a bud in sight!! :)

  10. It's somehow reassuring to read that you may have been going through a bit of the ***grey*** mood, same as me. Same as you, too, my clematis is budding and it's a bit brighter here today.

    Thanks for your visit over to my spot ;>]]



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