Thursday, 21 March 2013

Finished in good time for the new baby!

The baby blanket is complete .......... yeahhhhhh! 
After I took stock of all the ends of yarn to stitch in, or weave in and crochet over, well it was obvious it had to be a fabric edging.

I fancied pale lilac edging but Tylah asked for cream, to compliment the cot bedding. 
And I found a pale cream with a subtle, tiny, almost self coloured spot design on it at Hobbycraft, so ran with that. ( hugely overpriced mind you!)

I cut the bias binding myself - the first time I've ever done it. It may not win any awards but it will hide all those yarn ends thank goodness.

But I couldn't face machine stitching it over the knitting, even with a quilting foot which am sure would have made the job easier.
So I opted to simply hand stitch the edging in position .......... 
I know cowardly of me LOL 
but the simple running stitches do seem to suit the simplicity of the garter stitch.

Just as well this is done because I'm getting hexi withdrawal symptoms.... and have also had an urge to crochet something simple!

It's the NEC Sewing for Pleasure/Knitting & Stitches/ Hobbycraft trip out on saturday, with our EYES stitchy club and snow is forecast for both saturday and sunday - oh joy -

I am trying to decide what I really need to buy, what and who to look out for and whether I can justify to myself, buying anything at all...........yes, am sure you recognise the dilemma!
Watch this space ........ you know I will be taking photo's lol


  1. The blanket is beautiful, it must have taken ages to crochet.
    I've seen the weather forecast and chickened out of the NEC. Hope you enjoy it and find something wonderful to treat yourself to. I shall look forward to the photos.

  2. Looks great. Cuddly and warm. Well done.

  3. You did it! Yay Liniecat! I would like to say that (imho) you made the right choice with the running stitch along the binding edge. It adds such a lovely and subtle detail. Well done!

  4. this beautiful blanket deserved the hand stitching. i love it. i'm having the same dilemma about purchases because tomorrow i'm going to the Georgetown Quilt Show...not too far away and a small show but one of my old quilts will be hanging there. it's the first time i've consented to have a quilt in a show...she begged...i consented since it's not juried.
    can't wait to see what you buy.

  5. Brilliant idea to cover all the yarn ends with fabric binding!! Your blankie turned out beautifully and I'm sure it will rapidly become well-loved by baby.

  6. Very pretty blanket, that will surely become a well-loved and often-used treasure :) And the handstitched fabric binding looks just right to me.

  7. Such a cozy blanket. I can imagine it will be loved long. I agree with you about supply-
    need. Sometimes I think it's part of my procrastination to buy supplies. Now I make the
    list in the shopping cart and wait a couple of days before ordering...usually I eliminate half
    of the list. xo, Patty



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