Monday, 11 March 2013

Speediebeadie and Chez Facile Cecile...sighhh

I seem to be beading crazy at the moment don't I !

I know its something I'd have hugely limited ability to do but 
I recognize brilliance when I see it ........... 

Go see the original post please where this wonderful dame is featured and see her reverse which is as amazing as her front........
you'll see what I mean LOL

Isn't she great!!! 

and then what about this stitching below ?

Its utterly divine tho you may need the translator like I did!


I'm in awe of both of these artists work.............go enjoy their blogs and feast lol


  1. i've been following 'facilececile' for quite a while. i love all of her work.

  2. I'm in awe right along with you, Lyn. Wow! Thanks for the links. xo

  3. they're crazy amazing! working with those tiny beads... how do they do it?



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