Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Hakfs and a Bloglovin-we-can-go, ho ho ho..........

Follow my blog with Bloglovin

I picked up this lovely little lacy edged pocket at car boot last sunday, it has the word Kakfs embroidered on the front. 
I asked its price and the lady said you can have them all for 50p ..... so I ended up with several vintage bits lol ........... all now in the wash and yet to be photographed.

I suspect the word is probably handkerchief but does anyone know what language it is please?
I have no idea what I will do with it of course. I may have to now find some old hankies to put in it .......... I must have some in my stash somewhere I'm sure!

                                Well in view of so many others adding 

                                 BlogLovin (or Feedly) to their blogs, 

so they can continue to catch the posts of the blogs they follow......

                                                I'm doing the same!

Google Reader will be no more (after june I think it is) so any blogs we follow via GR will drop away into the cybery ethers and we will miss out on ........... wise words and wonderful somethings from our bloggy pals!

So please, if you'd like to continue to follow along with me, would you also consider signing up for BlogLovin please? 
No, its free ! ...... and easy to sign yourself up to.

Okay ......... I managed it on the second attempt lol

Now I have to find out how to add a, 'sign up to follow', with an email link but I can't expect to necessarily crack two new things in one day .......  
so will try that one tomorrow maybe!


  1. beautiful vintage piece. it just looks like initials to me...maybe HK...all this talk about google reader has me somewhat confused. i use my blogger dashboard to follow blogs. i'm assuming that will still be available.

  2. I haven't done the bloglovin' thing yet. still haven't decided what to do on that front. so I'm useless to you liniecat. but if I ever do find out, I'll give you a shout okay? :)

  3. I moved all my blog reader list over to Bloglovin' last week and so far so good. I have NO clue however how to do the sign up to follow feature on my blog. Hmmmm.....I suppose I should see if I can figure it out.

  4. Urgh, the Google Reader rug-from-under! Baffling move, on Google's part, I think. I'm poking around the many alternative options, whilst hoping they will reconsider!



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