Sunday, 10 March 2013

Beaded beauties - Eliza McClelland - part 2

Yup............more beady bits lol above, alternative crazy patchwork!

Eliza jazzed up an inexpensive little bag above......elegant but not over the top.
This long narrow cushion was a black and white fabric and Eliza highlighted some, not all, of the flowers which made this a spectacular looking piece.
You can see clearly here the soup mix, of coloured beads that Eliza likes to use, making a wonderful shaded colour combo to areas. She picks a finger full of several shades of colour and mixes her own 'soups' that way.
And she also pops in an odd colour bead here and there......that's also a trademark of hers and it works so well!

 (It wouldn't fit in my bag dam <<< joke!!

A fish panel on a velvet cushion...........

Great use of deco buttons

cute vintage Christmas cover or what!

But seeing these pics is only part of the story. Eliza performs a fun and interesting talk and draws you in, with her actress skills...........
sign her up for your stitchy group!
 I am sure you'll enjoy her too and revel in seeing her samples for real. We've had her visit us 3 times and that's surely proof of how good she is!

Some of our members work was displayed too......from this..

to this..
by Jackie Ward Lomax
by Ruth Pearson and inspired by an Eliza workshop weekend

An unusual knitted blanket by Val Wright, love the edging again.


  1. Must say I'm fascinated by the beaded bugs - amazing details. Also can't imagine knitting that blanket - tying in the ends would be a life's work!!

  2. Ive got that Ikea cushion on my spare bed with the embroidery on, we had her at our guild, very entertaining, wow it was about 8 years ago.



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