Sunday, 4 November 2012

The King goes fishing....

So young man was wittering on about wanting to go fishing with a rod and line, like for the last week! His Mum had told him she'd take him.....One Day.

"Nannie will you build me a King crown pleeeze?"
( pelmet vilene....)

Then he says to me....."Nannie build me a fishing rod please?"
 said with sweet smile and googly eyes.............. lol

Thinking on my feet..............a natty wooden gadget I've been thinking to use to hang a textile thingy off, but havent used after 5 years - plus string and a weeny wire hook tied to the end.

"Nannie build me some fish...........I LOVE fish nannie"
 said with sweet smile and googly eyes.............he's smart this boy.

So I cut fish from painted cardstock from way back when. Snipped out eyes so he can 'catch' them.

"Nannie build me some jelly fish please? A mummy. A granma and a boy nannie pleeeze?

So now he's on a roll and so am I ............. when he says

" I need starfish Nannie, like in the Miki's story me some starfish Nannie?"

I read Miki to him last thing before he goes to bed at mine.........its a cute story.
Little Miki wants twinkly lights on a branch she finds ( its a bit christmassy) and ends up with  a silvery starfish on it.

I love having him stay ............. he comes up with fun things for me to 'build' lol ..........
its very 'boy' that 'build' word, despite me telling him I 'make' things!

He left with his dad the next day, chuffed to monkeys, with his bucket full of the jelly and star and other fish, with fishing rod in hand and a smile a a mile wide. 
Who needs ToysRus!!
Though his parting shot was... " I need a whale Nannie"

My hexi stash is growing and they are so addictive, I had no idea!

 I was spurred on after seeing the layout of colours in this ...STUNning hexi quilt top Michele made, which you must go look at, please....
I wont copy the layout so will alter the colour banding widths.......if I can fathom it ~  with what fabrics I use.

Now I reckon Michele is truly gifted. She comes up with such innovative recycling ideas, interspersed with wonderful work like this quilt and look at her sons TinTin costume too! Priceless!!


  1. that little one has you wrapped around his finger. he will remember these days forever. and yes...hexies. i am wanting to make a lace hexi blanket but just haven't made the time yet.

  2. He looks like a great fellow, and obviously great fun for you too, to build all his stuff! Lucky Grandma - seriously!

  3. What a great Nannie! Love the pictures and the creative aspect of the making and the imagining!

  4. Hi Nannie, what a fun time he had with you -- he really did have you hopping! I love how he asked for a whale at the end. Hee!

    The hexies -- you have so many made already. I visited the link and wow. That is some quilt all right. xoxo Nana

  5. My boys would fish for hours over the edge of your stars with homemade fish like yours. We used a paper clip on each fish and their rods had a magnet at the end. Fun times!