Monday, 26 November 2012

Oh yes, there's more Harrogate

Richard Box is a magnificent collage and machine stitcher....
this hare was nothing short of stunning.
Sadly you cant see the subtle sparkly effects he achieved here with his mix of threads, fabrics and stitching.
there is something iconic about hares..........

Quite an interesting You Tube link here by him that you might care to watch somewhen ..........

Above, Samantha Wilson who is from the Hull School of Art & Design, upcycled these stools had been inspired by the hungry caterpillar story.

Above were only some of the LOTS of stitched postcards, representing countries from the 2012 Olympics!
Lifted this below from below..

"To welcome the athletes from around the world the Embroiderers' Guild has produced a spectacular tribute in stitch by creating nearly three thousand embroidered postcard sized images depicting the life and times of over two hundred sporting nations - all members of the Olympic movement.
The project started In April 2010 when members of the Embroiderers' Guild were invited to take part. As some of the sporting nations are rather unfamiliar the fairest way of allocating the countries to the branches was by drawing them at random. Also working on the project was a group of individual members, who do not belong to any branch, and members of Young Embroiderers' Groups.
Each country is represented by a series of textile images opening out like a concertina book of postcards. From the national flag at the top there is a cascade of embroidered images such as national costume, customs, currency, fauna, flora, food, and landmarks. The skills and creativity of the Embroiderers' Guild members shine through with the wide variety of materials and techniques used to develop their design ideas.

I picked afew out here.....

cant recall for sure where this above was from, it might have been Portugal.

there are more on this blog too if you want some close ups
I reckon I should make one of these below, to sit beside my armchair, so I could put all the materials Im working with, in!!
It was tightly rolled up flour, seed and rice bags far as I could see!
But Im appalled to say the pic of the artists name hasnt come I cant credit her.
I believe she may also have made this tea bag container too.
It reminded me very much of sand bags and an ( upside down!)
air raid shelter!
This was a clever wall hanging of hers as well.
And finally..........I loved the hap-hazard effect of this piece

Again Im unable to give credit to the artist here. There were several photos that spoilt for some reason in the transfer from camera to pc.
So my aplogies and if you do recognise the work,
please let me know who it is will you?
It was Maragaret Brown!!! Just found the name on here!!
Plus way more info on the UFO display too...........go and take a look!!


  1. Good to see the postcards on display. The branch I belong to did Chinese Taipei. I loved the UFO, couldn't get over how close some of the things were to the finish.

  2. Glad my blog post helped and thank you for filling in the gaps for me with some of the stands I didn't get to :-) I didn't get to see the postcards and the stand with the teabag hanging and the paper bowls was really interesting. Just not enough time to get round everything. I loved Margaret Brown's pieces.

  3. Each of these are so inspiring, but I like the last pictures best. Reminds me of denim and you know how much I like working with that!!



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