Monday, 12 November 2012

Forgot to show you this..... and advice needed

This old pattern booklet was amongst free stuff at our club meet last saturday, that they wanted rid of. 
I took a picture of the cover, though didn't bring the patterns home with me lol .......I just thought the cover was so charming.
Hope the subtle colours come up if you enlarge it.

Before the club meet, I reckon a good half of the members trawl through Cottinghams several charity shops and I was lucky enough to pick up this stash of cotton pillow cases, for 20p each....

Oddly enough I was short of plain cottons for the hexi stash so these single colours will be ideal additions -

And I had a NEED for carbohydrates I think....took a fancy for a crumble....
so bought tasty plums and huge cooking apples at market....

Yes, it tastes great lol and went well with a cold, fresh, fruity white wine
but am on salads now to make up for it lol

Now I could do with hexi advice please.....

Should I iron the hexis before I stitch them together or after?

If I iron them, might they be less easy to EASE in place,
 if I haven't got them exactly right on the corners?
So if they are not ironed, may they be more forgiving 
at the stitching stage?
I haven't stitched hexis seriously like this for years and years....
but maybe it makes not a jot of difference lol
Any ideas or experiences welcome please!


  1. i baste my hexies over the paper pattern, then i press real well and remove the paper before stitching them together. love the cover of that baby book.

  2. I wouldn't go near them with an iron at all.To me it flattens all the life out of the fabric. I like the slight puffiness of the stitched shapes. I must qualify that statement by saying that I'm not a knowlegable quilter so I will be interested in other's opinions. I love the look of all those hexagons layered up in your basket very pleasing.

  3. Beautiful baby cover and beautiful crumble, looks heavenly and makes me have a craving. I'll be checking back to see what the advice on the hexis is because I have no idea. What you say makes perfect sense though, to wait until they're assembled. xo

  4. Actually, what I did Liniecat, was to assemble the hexies in batches and then press the batches. But, honestly, I don't think it makes a lick of difference. The hexies, whether pressed or not, still have some play in them. So happily you have the freedom to proceed in your own way. Joy!



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