Sunday, 25 November 2012

I gave in lol and the Harrogate Show !


Okay........Ive paid for an upgrade afterall and it seems to have worked cos can now post pics!
I picked up some skew whiff shaped seconds, powder puffs at Scrapstore and so, naturally made dangly snowmen in beanie you do.........

The mouths are dried grape 'branches' and the carrot noses are just fun foam. One or two have white felt glued on the back to cover the stitched on eyes.......but on most I simply stitched the beanie lower down at the back to cover the stitches and used invisible thread for the mouth twigs.

The by product of my cutting hexis is this container of fabric corners which has given me an idea or two but I cant start into them yet........I need to finish a couple of other things

It was our EYES club, coach trip to the Harrogate Knitting & Stitching show yesterday and it was as usual, well worth going to.
Though I bought much less than previous years.
Mostly cos Ive still not used what Ive bought from the past few years yet - go figure!
It was worth going if only to see up close the mining exhibit pieces that were featured in the Workbox magazine. Stunning some of them.

Above 'Life Line' by Heather Waring

Above 'Not forgotten' Jill Patterson

The above by Victoria Macleod was amazing up close. A golden seam.

and over a coffee I looked up at the roof of the theatre that nestles in the centre of the show halls...

At the end of the day I saw this....and thought what a great idea it would be ...... just as soon as I got home!!

Still Life by Audrey Walker...............yeahhhhh !
Bring on the Bombay Gin!


  1. thanks for posting some pics from Harrogate. how i would have loved to go. if you come across any other postings of pics from the show, please let me know. i love looking at pics from these shows.

  2. Lovely photos - especially the Golden Seam - I would love to see that one in person. Such cute little snowmen too.



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