Sunday, 25 November 2012

and then there were these........

There was a striking exhibit of work entitled Jabberwock by Ann Small and Sue Walton.
This was a wonderful interpretation of the tea party that Alice was invited to lol
They are members of the Small Chat group but here they were a two woman exhibit, which was was both fun and innovative.
Just loved the use of felt and cutlery and
you just got to ~ lurve these crowns - fabulous !

Here are some great pics here on Face Book I notice so take a peek!

and then pop on to Bredas own work which is also fascinating to see!!/photo.php?fbid=241555909267134&set=a.241555885933803.54766.181932295229496&type=

And then there was this blissfully beautiful bed Deborah Kemball, the winner of the Traditional Quilts. Euphoria. An apt title for so much glorious applique and hand quilting.


and how about cross stitch? lol

see this link for info on the work of this Lithuanian artist


  1. The crown, oh -- I may have to go through the trash to retrieve the turkey leg bones! Are they real bones? And the cross-stitch on the car door, love that. Wonderful posts, Lyn, with all this great art. xo

  2. Oh wow - my jaw dropped when I saw that applique piece! The hours of work involved must be astronomical!